David Alaba - The New Number 4 Of Real Madrid

Real Madrid fans feel like there is a big hole inside the team after the departure of their long time captain. Everything related to Sergio Ramos is sacred and protected in the hearts and minds of people. People are worried if they might get a player of his quality who can play all the roles he used to play for them. In search of such a man, Real Madrid signed David Alaba. The Austrian has proved himself in his time at Bayern Munich and now he will have to maintain his level in a different team.

Real Madrid has officially presented Alaba with the jersey number 4. It might be a shocking decision for many as people don’t expect to see anyone wearing the number 4 jersey for a long time. Alaba is ambitious about his move to Madrid and wants people to let him do what he does best. He was given that number by the club and he’s thrilled about getting it. The player shared his thoughts on this issue, he said:


“They offered me that number. I don’t think there was any other.”

“I know what the number means for the club and that motivates me. It represents strength and leadership. I want to give my all for that number.

“I haven’t come here to compare myself with others. I’m David Alaba and I’ll keep being David Alaba. I’ll be myself.”

It’s clear that Alaba understands and accepts the challenges that come with a number 4 jersey. We can also learn from his statement that he wants to show his true self to the fans of Madrid and that they should allow him to do so. The player may need some time to reach his peak form in a new club and he has every right to get it.

Sergio Ramos is now a PSG player and the relationship between him and Real Madrid is officially over. In the last season people expected the club to give him a contract extension, the two parties didn’t find a common land to settle and eventually he had to leave the club. It was a piece of very heartbreaking news for football fans all around the world but now it looks like things will get better and we all will get to see more of the Spaniard.

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