Arsenal target En-Nesyri to replace Aubameyang

Arsenal went from being title contenders to battle from getting relegated. Times have changed for the club and their fans as the start of this season have raised many things wrong with the club. Arsenal is surrounded by rumours of signing Youssef En-Nesyri from Sevilla.

Change is the first step to achieve anything. If the club wants to regain its glory back then everyone should get ready for massive change in the club for this season or the next. This team already consist of promising talents from all around the world but fate is not on their side.

The strikers are always blamed for the mistakes they do every season. Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette have been under the radar for too long and it looks like their time with The Gunners is up.

Lacazette is expected to leave the club when his contract ends while the club may decide on the future of Auba. The player may get to play another season with them or they might sell him in the next summer transfer window.

The Morrocan took everyone by surprise after scoring 18 goals with Sevilla in the last season. Apart from La Liga, the player performed well in the Champions League. He scored three braces in the Champions League and one of them was against Dortmund at the 90th min. It’s easy to say that clubs are keeping an eye on this 23-year-old player. 

The current Arsenal requires individual inspiration and young minds to develop themselves for the challenges lying ahead. Arsenal should sign Youssef En-Nesyri from Sevilla and get rid of the players who are a liability for the team. 

The big roadblock in this transfer is that the player isn’t interested in moving out of Sevilla. The city and club have suited him so he wishes to stay with them. Nesyri understands that a move to the Premier League will mean double wages for himself but still he does not wants to move out. It can still happen if the Gunners manage to convince him to play for them or if he fancies them. 

The Arsenal and En-Nesyri situation is under monitoring and nothing official is out by the club yet. It’s certain that they will surely need to replace their attackers in the coming future. Big changes coming up for the Gunners which will include the change of players to the change of management. 

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