Can Arsenal win the Premier League?

Arsenal is considered to be among the most elite teams in England. The club’s glory is disappearing too quickly in recent decades due to their inability to win the Premier League.

It is obligatory for any club to win the League title if they want to keep their high position in that particular country. The English Premier League is often termed as the most difficult by the majority of football pundits and so it is difficult for the teams to win this title frequently.

The wait is real for Arsenal and their fans as it has already been 17 years since their last Premier League title. In the current 2021-22 season it is easy to rule out that they won’t win the league this year. Arsenal is more inclined to get relegated than win the Premier League.

The mastermind Arteta again saved his job and secures a comfortable position on the table. Arsenal has plenty of time to think about winning this glorious trophy in the upcoming years. The club is not involved in any European Football action for this season and their players will get enough time to improve themselves.

The big question that still arises in the hearts and minds of Arsenal fans is that ‘Will they ever win the Premier League?’. Let us analyze the crucial points that why a Premier League trophy isn’t far from them.

Can Arsenal win the Premier League?

Winning the League title is a dream for any club from any part of the world. Arsenal and their fans aren’t spared from this desire and it looks like they can make it happen if everything works out as per their plan.

1: Miracle by the MasterMind Arteta

It is likely that Mikel Arteta can finally learn the high and low points of his team and plan a strategy accordingly. This young man is a student of Pep Guardiola and is often praised by other managers for his tactics. Mikel Arteta was too young back when he joined Arsenal again as the manager. Just like any player takes his time to settle in a new club the managers also need time to make their strategies work.

Arteta can work out his big master plans and if they work out then surely Arsenal can lift the PL title.

2: The Young Revolution

The current team consists of some promising talents who may eventually grow to be the crucial players who can win them the league. The Wunderkind of Arsenal ‘Bukayo Saka’ is already famous among the fans for being a great English young talent. The other favourite kid of the fans is Odegaard, the player is 22 years of age and can dominate the midfield like any prime professional midfielder.

Apart from these two, there are other young talents in their squad Aaron Ramsdale (23), Kieran Tierney (24), Smith Rowe (22), Gabriel Martinelli (20) and Tomiyasu (22). The club is also expected to sign more players in the next transfer window to make their current squad stronger.

3: A new striker

Goals win matches and Arsenal need to find a goal hunter if they want to achieve anything. The current team relies a lot on their wingers and midfielders while they should rely on their attacking forward to do the job. The spark in their current strikers is fading away with their increasing age. The signing of a new quality striker can be the missing piece that the team requires. 

The Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez was rumoured to join Arsenal but the deal did not happen. A young and prolific striker like Lautaro or En-Nesyri can take the role of both Lacazatte and Aubameyang. The club can get rid of these two and sign a unique talent for the next season.


4: Change of management

The owners of Arsenal FC are disliked by the fans and football pundits. Protests were initiated to make them leave the club but it did not happen. The owners are often accused of not providing enough funds for the club to buy new players. The people criticize them for making a huge profit from the club while having no knowledge or passion for football. 

We all know what new owners can do to a club. If Newcastle United can get new rich owners, I don’t think it will be too difficult for Arsenal to find a new owner.


Arsenal is like Spiderman from The Avengers. They look cool and can do tricks but when you lock one of his hands or legs then he is nothing but a liability. If the team and their owners want the world to stop trolling their favourite club then some big steps are necessary for the upcoming years.

The first thing they need to stop is blaming people for their failure. Arsene Wenger was not the problem nor Unai Emery. 

If Leicester City can win a Premier League title while competing with rich clubs then Arsenal can do it too. It’s just a matter of right decisions and time for them to achieve the Premier League.

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