Barcelona warns their players by showing a poster of Cristiano Ronaldo.

No rivalry in the world of football is bigger than the rivalry of Cristiano Vs Messi and Real Madrid Vs Barcelona. Some fans of Barcelona hate Cristiano for breaking their hearts in Camp Nou, same but opposite feelings for Real Madrid fans too as they hate Leo Messi. Hate for the player is expected but Barcelona took things too far and it’s hilarious.

 In the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper facility of FC Barcelona put up Cristiano’s news in their dressing room “Cristiano returns to test positive for covid 19 and is low against Barca .” The Barcelona Board decided to warn their players from the coronavirus by showing them the news of their biggest enemy and feared player. Cristiano was going to face Barcelona in a Champions League clash between Juventus and Barcelona, both these teams were in the same group of the Champions League. Cristiano missed their first group-stage match with Barcelona as he was positive from the coronavirus and they lost 2-0 to Barcelona. later in the last match of their group stagegroup stage, the two teams faced each other again but this time Cristiano took his revenge for his team and scored a brace, they won (3-0) and he was clearly the best man on the pitch.

Apart from this Cristiano poster, there are other warnings on the wall as no team wants to lose their players to covid. The pandemic has been difficult on all of us and the world of football was also affected. Many big players in the past year came in contact with the coronavirus but it’s good to know that no player died from this virus and every single one of them recovered well.

Maintain Social distancing to stay away from Coronavirus.
We request all of you to follow Covid-19 precautions and help the officials to keep you safe. Getting vaccinated is the ideal choice to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. Before believing n any other theory or rumour do know that people actually died from this virus.

" Prevention Is Better Than Cure"
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