Footballer booked for planning 'Orgy' inside stadium | Brann Stadion

A Professional Footballer of the club SK Brann situated in Norway has been booked with an allegation of planning an ‘ORGY’ inside the stadium. Reports suggest that 12 men planned to meet with 7 girls inside the stadium to have some fun. The two parties are rumoured to plan this even a day before at a night out.

The club and the involved players are denying these allegations and want to prove their innocence in front of the fans. The police are interrogating them but none of the players accepts those awful allegations.

According to the rumours, their Orgy included having intercourse in the dressing room and on the seats of Brann Stadion. The coach of SK Brann said that this allegation is disgusting and is used by their rivals to defame the club and their players.

The local news reports that the players left at 5 pm after the ORGY in Brann Stadion and were caught by the CCTV camera footage inside the stadium. The Police are trying to identify the involved parties with the help of the recorded video but nothing is clear now.

The coach of SK Brann denies the allegations. He shared his message to the fans after being asked about this issue, he said: “We received new information that complicated the matter.


“You can probably question us a lot when it comes to the way we have handled the case. But it has been complex, and we have only had good intentions. We will have to carry out the evaluation afterwards”.


“Those who can make the best assessments now are the police. There was also a party earlier this year as well. I am incredibly disappointed that some have so little respect for the rules and what we expect from players in this club”.


The names of the players and the coach are not used in this article as the issue is sensitive and nothing can be ruled out too soon. All this sounds like the script of a Hollywood movie, we are interested to know the actual culprits of this crime scene.

We will update you after this case has been solved by the police.

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