Clubs donate money to keep Messi in La Liga

Journalists from El Transistor verify that big Spanish clubs are coming together to help Barcelona keep Leo Messi. Time is running and Barcelona doesn’t look like making a move soon. Presidents of other big clubs are ready to donate money and help their opponent retain the contract of their best man. The president of La Liga Javier Tebas said that Barcelona can’t sign Messi under the same terms as their previous agreement. He also disagrees with Messi leaving Barcelona and indirectly want him here.

Dark clouds are on La Liga as Ronaldo is gone, Neymar left to PSG, Ramos free transfer to PSG and now if they fail they lose Messi too. Who will watch La Liga? People don’t know many interesting players in La Liga now as those who are staying are a one-season wonder, an injury-prone disaster or players no one cares about and want them out of their club. Trust me even AC Milan looks better than watching La Liga, forget about the whole Serie A. It’s more business than the player.


Why does it come to this?

The people who handle clubs and leagues are either super lazy or super dumb to not expect the possible future. Javier Tebas is the same man who said 8-10 months ago that he has ‘prepared well’ for the possibility of Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona. The same man who was insisting Barcelona sell this player will now probably allow them to take donations.

The main problem here is that Messi is bigger than their club. Yes! Messi is the only thing that brought a drastic change in the trophy cabinet of Barcelona. I won’t blame Messi for this as Barcelona were busy eating the fruits of his labour while making stupid transfers at the same time. Dembele, Coutinho and Griezmann are all a big failure for the club and now they want to get rid of them in trash amount.

Messi is bigger than Barcelona. Imagine how great one has to be so that your opponents help your owners buy you just so their businesses don’t crash.

If Barcelona doesn’t make a big decision now then they will regret it at the end of this window. Time is running.

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