Copa America updates | Fixtures and Results | Uruguay wins over Paraguay

Copa America is taking the exactly expected turns and most of the big teams have qualified. The Copa America quarter-finals will be played this weekend, the whole world is spectating this tournament and everyone wants their favourite player to win

Quarter-final fixtures for Copa America 2021 :

Argentina  vs. Ecuador  on Sunday

Uruguay  vs. Colombia on Sunday

Brazil  vs. Chile on Saturday 

Peru  vs. Paraguay  on Saturday

Uruguay played Paraguay in the Round of 16, Edison Cavani the captain got the only goal of the match. Edison Cavani doesn’t stop to impress us when he plays with his national side, clearly the best candidate for Captain. Uruguay finishes second in their group below Messi’s Argentina.

Argentina trashed Bolivia to add another Messi madness game, he scored a brace and an assist. There’s no stopping Lionel Messi and Argentina. After winning yesterday Argentina will play Ecuador in the quarter-finals. Lionel Messi passed Javier Mascherano as Argentina’s most capped international on Monday, another record in the name of the GOAT.

The most interesting thing about this years Copa America is that the quarter-final fixtures of Copa America 2021 are exactly the same as World Cup Brazil (RO16). 

Uruguay  vs. Colombia

Brazil  vs. Chile 

These two matches are the most crucial and difficult as all these 4 teams consist of great men from countries where people worship football. Brazil drew in their last match and they wouldn’t want to come with the same attitude in front of Chile, most of their big players were resting but still, people expect players of both these teams to give their best. 

Meanwhile, Argentina and Peru will face a more easy draw but we never know as this sport is unpredictable and any player can make his mark at any point in time.  

Will it be Messi’s year of finally getting an international trophy or Neymar will win this for his country? The venue is set. Let’s GO.

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Argentina will Copa America 2021