Cristiano Will Miss Matches In Serie A

A player like Cristiano Ronaldo is surrounded by rumours and controversies all the time. Since the beginning of Euro 2020, fans and media outlets have surrounded him by transfer rumours linked with Manchester United, Real Madrid, Sporting CP and some other clubs. On the other hand, Cristiano was enjoying his international break with his family. 


Juventus reappointed Massimiliano Allegri as their head coach and sacked Pirlo after unsatisfactory results in the previous season. Allegri understands the Italian game and is the main reason why Juventus won five consecutive Serie A titles. In the latest news, he says that he rejected Real Madrid to join Juventus, his ex-players who are still playing at Juventus love him and respect his decisions.

Allegri after returning hinted that Cristiano Ronaldo won’t get to play all the matches for Juventus, he said “There are different moments in a season, playing one game every three days I’ll need to rotate the team, involving all the players.”

The manager is positive to work again with him, “Ronaldo is a great player and a smart guy. I spoke to him yesterday as I did with the others. I expect a lot from him in terms of responsibility, he is in good condition and he is fit.”

Juventus understands that Ronaldo is their main man for the challenging season that lies ahead. Cristiano was the top scorer of Serie A and scored the majority of goals for Juventus. Only Chiellini has more experience than Ronaldo in the current Juve squad. Allegri thinks that Ronaldo can provide leadership in attack as his current squad is young and can learn many things from the Portuguese.

The manager also cleared the doubts on the future of Chiellini in Juventus. The club will give him a contract extension and we will get to see him for at least one more year in white and black. Chiellini and Bonucci were unbreakable for Italy in Euro 2020, contributions from both these players was a big one for Italy to win the competition.

Juventus is playing a risky game with Ronaldo. Cristiano may certainly move to Paris Saint Germain or any other club he’s offered but he can’t move now as he is bounded by a contract with Juventus. If Juventus won’t sell him in this transfer window then they will lose him for free in the next one. The club is struggling to pay the huge wages of Ronaldo and after this season they might have to let him go for free. 

Cristiano did not express his desire to stay or leave Italy but it’s certain that something is happening in between them. We may see Ronaldo playing for a different club in 12 months.
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