Does Cristiano Ronaldo share Golden Boot with Patrik Schick? Schick equals Crisitano | Euro 2020

Patrik Schick the Bayer Leverkusen and Czech Republic talented player scored in their draw with Denmark. Cristiano and Patrik both share an equal number of goals in Euro 2020 for their respective countries. After the match some Schick fans and many Ronaldo haters started spreading rumours about him sharing the golden boot with Schick, people are still confused about this as they don’t understand the ways UEFA evaluate their winners.

Patrik Schick scored 5 goals in 5 appearances for the Czech Republic, most of his goals were crucial for his country to make it to Quarter Finals. Denmark knocked out Czech Republic (2-1) but Schick managed to get one in the second half for his country.

Cristiano  Ronaldo is the main man of Portugal, every player in his team looks upon him for winning and scoring. Ronaldo scored 5 goals in 3 matches for Portugal but unfortunately, they didn’t make it out of Group Stages.

Coming back to the Golden Boot these two players both have 5 goals in Euro 2020 but Cristiano Ronaldo is still the leader as UEFA counts the number of assists one provided for their team as the winner. Cristiano provided an assist for Portugal while Schick didn’t, even if he did the second criteria is the time taken to score. Cristiano scored 5 goals in fewer matches compared to Schick.

Cristiano Ronaldo is leading at Euro 2020 Golden Boot race unless any other player scores more than 5 goals in the competition. The likes of Benzema, Lukaku and Forsberg are all out of the competition with few candidates to achieve this feat.

Denmark beats the Czech Republic :

At the latest, the Denmark national team have advanced to the Semi-Final of Euro 2020 and play with England in Wembley. Denmark is the only team to qualify for the semifinals of the Euro after losing two games in the group stage of the competition. After losing their main man in the starting stages of this competition this Denmark side is getting stronger than ever.

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