TRANSFER: Cristiano move to Manchester City at the end of the transfer window

The rumours which were initially unimaginable are taking shape. The rumours suggest that Cristiano Ronaldo will join Manchester City at the end of this transfer window. The Blues are in search of a striker since the departure of club legend Sergio Aguero and they have been offered multiple players for his position. The big question is that if Man City need Ronaldo as their striker or they want to spend their big bucks on a younger player.

The main priority of Man City is to bring in Harry Kane, the recent developments suggest that something is building up between the two parties. Tottenham is persistent to keep Harry and selling him on a very high amount as he has a long contract with the club.

If by the end of this transfer window they’re unable to sign Harry Kane then it will be clear that Ronaldo can be a solid option for them. The other big option is Antoine Griezmann but he is not looked at as a priority by the club.

The rumours of Cristiano to Manchester City came after the French outlet L’Equipe reported that Cristiano wants to move to City by the end of this week and he wants to add more glory to his career and record books. The report also suggests that he is connected with some City players and may use their help in pushing a move for his transfer.

The Portuguese brothers of Cristiano can persuade the coach and management to sign him for their club.

Why will Manchester City sign Cristiano Ronaldo?

Manchester City has spent a massive amount of money on the signing of numerous players in all the years under Pep Guardiola, the club is close to reaching 1 billion euro’s in spending for buying new players.

The club is run by an expert a team of the businessman who understands the importance of Cristiano signing for Manchester City. The transfer amount will be too little to sign him as he is 36 years old now. The management understands that Ronaldo will pay off his own transfer amount in a very quick time as the minute they sign Ronaldo from Juventus the club value will shoot up.

Only the amount collected for selling the Ronaldo jersey’s will make up for the transfer amount spent to sign him.

The biggest benefit for Manchester City is that they will get millions of more followers and their fanbase will increase. City is always teased to have plastic fans by their opposition. The move of Ronaldo to Etihad Stadium can change that and make hundreds of people love Manchester City.

Why Cristiano won’t sign for Manchester City?

Cristiano Ronaldo understands the role Manchester United played in building his career. The Portuguese came at a young age and left too soon but with the title of a legend on his name. All the fans of Manchester United love Cristiano and the player can’t break the hearts of millions of fans.

Ronaldo loves his fans and respects his former club Manchester United. There’s a high possibility that he may reject this move of joining their rivals and be termed ‘Snake’ by his own fans.

The player has achieved everything in his career and can make his own decisions for his future. The player can even move to Paris if they show interest after selling Kylian Mbappe.

Juventus want money to make a young and strong squad for the future and it’s clear that they want to get some money by selling their best goalscorer. If they don’t sell him in this year then the player will leave for free in the next year and they don’t want that to happen.

With a week left for the transfer window to close anything can happen in the last few days. Man City may make a huge bid for Cristiano Ronaldo on the transfer deadline day.

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