Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Sporting Lisbon In 2023? Shocking Hints

There is no place better than home. The best journeys are those which end right from where they are started and ending a journey at home is the perfect scenario for any footballer. Sporting Lisbon is the home of Cristiano RonaldoPortugal is close to the heart of Cristiano and so does Sporting CP, “It is the team where I learned my trade”. 

Although the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo want to watch him stay in competitive and famous teams where he competes with the best teams more frequently. 

The decision of joining Manchester United again at the age of 36 is huge in itself. Not many players can dare to do this when he is already considered among the legends and it might ruin his image. Well, Cristiano is built different than anyone else and now he continues to prove that his decision was right.

A return back to his first team might be possible in 2023 or 2024 due to the following reasons.

1: Dolores Aveiro loves Sporting Lisbon

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those players who still prefer their mother over their wives/girlfriends even after getting all the money and fame in this world. The story of Cristiano leaving his ex-girlfriend after being given to choose between his mom and Irina Shayk. According to some other sources Irina refused to attend Ronaldo’s mother’s surprise birthday celebrations. The pair didn’t clear it out officially but it’s certain that Cristiano loves his mother more than anything in this world.

After the death of his father, his mother shaped him to be the man he is today.

Dolores Aveiro is a big fan of the Portuguese side and wants Cristiano to play for Sporting Lisbon. In a podcast, she went on to say, “If it were my choice, he would already be here. He likes to watch Sporting games. I’ve already told him: ‘Son before I die, I want to see you return to Sporting’. He says: ‘Let’s see’.

If his mother insists on a return to Sporting then the five-times Ballon D’Or winner may decide to go back and hang his boots in Portugal.

The mother of Cristiano even claims that the ‘Number 7’ jersey of Sporting CP is waiting for him. The current player will love to give this number to him.

2: Sporting Lisbon wants him

The majority of the Portuguese population love and worship Ronaldo. The player brought pride and glory to their nation by his hard work and dedication. Any team of the Portugal league will love to sign him but we know the team which has a special place in his heart. 

The President of Sporting Lisbon is too excited about having Cristiano Ronaldo back. President Bruno De Carvalho was asked about having Cristiano back in Sporting Lisbon on which he said, “Yes, without a doubt, I would love for Ronaldo to end his career here, at home”.

The rejoining of Cristiano would mean more business and increase the fame of their team in the whole world.

3: Cristiano Ronaldo’s love for Portugal

Just like the people of Portugal love Cristiano he loves them too. His passion and dedication are clearly seen on the field whenever he wears their crest on any stage. Cristiano is the greatest player in the history of Portugal and their highest goalscorer. The player lead them to lift a Euro title while getting them close to many other titles.

Ronaldo may want to end his career in peace and rest like a king. The love for his country is real and unmatched which may be the main reason for him to return back.

Any warrior would love to have his last breaths in his camp with the people he cares about.

4: Growing age

The player is extremely prolific and deadly for his age. It’s difficult to stop Cristiano Ronaldo but with age, his form may get affected. The pace and style of the Premier League may get a little difficult for him to cope up. The player has proved himself in 3 different countries and can continue to do so but he may decide to take wise decisions and keep his legacy going.

The Portuguese league is also competitive and according to stats, it ranks more than Ligue 1 where PSG play. The player can be deadly even at the age of 40 in his homeland and where he doesn’t have to worry much about the overhyped Premier League and their pundits.

No matter where he plays we do know he will make it memorable. The player has achieved everything in his career. If he decides to hang his boots today then still his career will be considered among the best if not the best.

Sporting may be a good final destination but you never know what the GOAT has in his bag to surprise us.

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