Is Cristiano Jr better than Thiago Messi?

There is no greater divide in this world more than the divide in football with Cristiano holding one half and Messi the other. This is the greatest rivalry in the history of any sport and every football fan is familiar with it. These two players have achieved everything in their careers with electrifying stats and breathtaking memories.

The people understand that the end is near and in a few years, we won’t get to see these two legends own the game.

The next big question that arises among the fans is Cristiano Jr better than Mateo Messi? The two are still young but people are curious about their fate of ending up as their father and rule the game too.

The two legends of football have been asked on numerous occasions about their children playing football and they replied in affirmative. In an interview, Cristiano was asked a similar question. “We’ll see if my son will become a great footballer, he has potential. He is fast and dribbles well, but that is not enough. I always tell him that it takes work and dedication to have success”.

Cristiano Jr is already famous among the young community and he used to play for Juventus academy during his father’s time in Turin.

FC Barcelona legend Leo Messi had confessed that his son is not into football. This statement is old and now after moving to PSG he has enrolled Mateo and Thiago to the PSG academy. It is a good sign for all Messi fans who won’t want to experience another Messi in their lifetime. Thiago is still young and has a lot to learn from his father.

Is Cristiano Jr better than Thiago Messi?

The debate is much short for these young players as compared to their fathers. Cristiano Jr is older than Thiago and is often pictured with his father in the gym or playing football. Thiago is still young and has to prove himself in the PSG academy. A recent video of Leo Messi and his children playing football in their backyard went viral after Mateo and Thiago impressed everyone with their ball skills.

Cristiano Jr is more like his father and looks motivated in football while Thiago is too young to be judged by anything. An 8-year-old Cristiano Jr scored 58 goals in 23 games providing 17 assists in the Juventus academy. 

As of now, Cristiano Jr is better than Thiago Messi but it will be too early to label anyone anything as the future is uncertain.

Fun Fact:

Cristiano Jr 🇵🇹 and Thiago Messi 🇦🇷 share the same age gap as their respected fathers. Ronaldo is 869 older than Leo Messi and fate wanted this rivalry to thrive in future so it gifted us with a massive coincidence.

CR junior was born on 17th June 2010 and Thiago was born on 2nd November 2012. These two came into this world at exactly 869 days apart. 


What are the thoughts of Leo and Ronaldo on the future?

The two players would love to see their children take their legacy ahead after they tie their boots but they both want their kids to choose it.

🇵🇹 Ronaldo, “I won’t pressure him to become a footballer, but if you ask me if I want him to, yes I would like it. The most important thing is to become the best at whatever he does, whether it is as a footballer or a doctor.”

🇦🇷 Messi, “I don’t buy him many balls or force him to play with them because he doesn’t like them that much,”

This is the sign of a fair father who let their children choose the life they want to lead. There is a slight possibility that we won’t get to see the ‘rivalry’ of these two young talents but every football fan would want it to happen.

The Mateo connection:

Most people know about Mateo Messi being the second child of Leo Messi but to our surprise, there is another Mateo from a different house. Cristiano named his second son Mateo too and thus create a big confusion for the upcoming generations.

We may likely see Mateo Messi Vs Mateo Ronaldo in future. The fans of these two players would be confused about what they have to cheer for when they face each other.

The present is dying slowly, the future looks Promising.

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