Donnarumma emotional letter for Milan fans | Joins PSG till 2026

Gianluigi Donnarumma is the hot topic among goalkeepers after a great perfordmance in the final of Euro 2020. Italy won the Euro 2020 on penalties and he made two saves to make it happen. The contribution of this player in that match is no less than a striker’s. Donnarumma has decided to leave AC Milan and join PSG for the next season.

The Italian goalkeeper started his career at AC Milan when he was 16 years old. Everyone said that he is the successor of Buffon in Italy. He continued to perform in Serie A and was appreciated in his club AC Milan. The hunger to win titles is in every player and he is a famous player who has the option to move out and settle somewhere. It’s not like Messi or Totti who stayed at the same club for a long time and now they can’t move as they have feelings attached and their families won’t agree. Going to France is his personal choice as he says, “Some choices are difficult, but they are part of a man’s growth”.

Before leaving for PSG he wanted to leave something for his Milan fans. Donnarumma wrote this for his fans
“I arrived at Milan when I was little more than a child, for eight years I wore this shirt with pride, we fought, suffered, won, cried, celebrated, together with my team-mates, my coaches, all those who have made and are part of the club, together with our fans who are an integral part of what has been a family for many years. “In the Rossoneri shirt, I also achieved personal goals, such as my debut at 16 in Serie A. I lived through extraordinary years that I will never forget.
“Now the time has come to say goodbye, a choice that was not easy, indeed, and certainly a post is not enough to explain it, or perhaps it cannot even be explained because the deepest feelings can hardly be translated into words.” “What I can say is that sometimes it is right to choose to change, to face difficult challenges, to grow, to complete oneself. “All the Rossoneri I met, from the first to the last day, will always remain in my heart as an important, indeed fundamental part of the life path that made me what I am.
“I wish Milan all possible success and I do it with my heart, for the affection that binds me to these colours, a feeling that distance and time cannot erase.”
Gianluigi Donnarumma
Donnarumma played a total of 251 matches for AC Milan and gave his best whenever he played in the Rossoneri. Now he’s leaving with a heavy heart and his fans with wet eyes.

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