UEFA Repaying England For Blocking European Super League | Partial Behaviour Of Referee

After 55 years England finally made it to the final of UEFA Euro. England won against Denmark in a controversial win in extra time. Many people think that this win was unjust and there should be an inquiry on the issue. England received a late penalty for a very light challenge or as people say a possible dive by the player. Denmark worked their way hard to reach the semi-finals and now it’s a shame they’re knocked out in this way.

Some big publications criticized the match, the reporter of Marca in his article said “English football can stop lecturing the rest of the continent about diving,”. The reporter further added “And that, in addition, with the prohibition of entry into the capital to foreign fans due to the restrictions of the pandemic, has made many believe that a red carpet has been laid for them. “Of course, it had already been known for months and no one raised their voices “.

Marca even termed their win as suspicious and some things were turned a blind eye, apart from Marca many other publications also thinks that England is somehow given special treatment in this competition. Denmark’s TV2 ran a poll asking whether the penalty should be given on which 92% voting were against it.

The Premier League teams and the England government always looked like anti-European Super League. UEFA is an enemy of the Super League and their plain foiled because the first teams to get out of ESL were the Premier League teams. A lot of people believe that at certain points in this competition, decisions made by referees were unjust and partial behaviour was seen. We don’t know how much truth is in that but we do know if England wins the Euro 2020 many people will call it ‘Rigged



No matter what you have to make ends meet. Sterling is known for diving but if that wins his country the trophy then nothing can be sweeter for the fans of England. The use of VAR has been more bad than good since the time it has been implemented. Traditional refereeing was far better than these modern ways and techniques. As long as VAR stays in football we will continue to hear such kinds of statements where one team accuses the other of Cheating.  


The supporters of England act like the World is against them but believe me, if Denmark did this instead of them they’d cry over this for 100 years. Denmark lost the match but won our hearts.

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