Big revelation on European Super League by Florentino Perez

Perez in his recent 90 minutes interview dropped hints about the future of the club and its players. Florentino Perez in his interview indirectly gave us the hint that the ‘European Super League’ is not yet finished and that he will bring it back very soon.


“Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid? There is a binding agreement and the Superliga moves forward. They (UEFA) threaten us to protect their dominant situation and English clubs have come under this coercion. We are awaiting the decision of the Luxembourg Court.”

It looks like the president of Real Madrid is acting as the president of football. Now they’re losing attendance so they want to make a super league, someone please remind him that this also happens when a club doesn’t respect their players enough. After huge protests throughout the world the talks of ‘European Super League’ were over but now it looks like this was just a break for them.

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