Euro 2020 Fixtures, Timings and Results | Ukraine ahead of Sweden

After a thrilling Round of 16, it’s time we welcome the quarter-finals of Euro 2020. The teams involved are not as expected but they’re better than our expectations as they defeated stronger teams to reach here. 

UEFA Euro 2020 is taking unexpected turns in every single match. I’m pretty sure not many people expected Ukraine to qualify ahead of Sweden or Belgium over Portugal and the best one, Switzerland over France. Fans would love to see a deserving country getting the trophy in their name. So far, things are shaping up that way.

Timeline of Euro 2020 quarter-finals :

2nd July 

Quarter-final 1 – Switzerland Vs Spain (St Petersburg) live at 5 pm

Quarter-final 2 – Belgium vs Italy (Munich) live at 8 pm

3rd July

Quarter-final 3 – Czech Republic Vs Denmark (Baku) live at 5 pm

Quarter-final 4 – Ukraine Vs England (Rome) live at 8 pm

Teams that are lucky enough will go into the further round of the Semi-final where they get too close to their ultimate goal.

Schedule of Semi-final of Euro 2020 :

Semi-Final – Switzerland or Spain Vs Belgium or Italy

Semi-Final – Czech Republic or Denmark Vs England or Ukraine

The semi-finals of the competition will be held at Wembley (London). Only the best teams will get to play at this beautiful stadium in front of millions of eyes. 

The big journey will end at Wembley for the winners of Euro 2020. 

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