Euro 2020 Round of 16 summary | Missed details during the match

UEFA Euro 2020 is taking unexpected turns in every single match. I’m pretty sure very few people expected Ukraine to qualify ahead of Sweden or Belgium over Portugal and the best one Switzerland over France. Fans would love to see a deserving country getting the trophy in their name. So far, things are shaping up that way. 

Summary of the Round of 16 :

Croatia Vs Spain:

This was the first most exciting game of Euro 2020, an 8 goal thriller in extra time. Croatia was 2 goals down (3-1) at the 80th min but they bounced back in style by a late late goal to equalise against Spain. Huge respect for the Croatian team to pull this off in front of the Spanish giants. Spain got the better of Croatia in extra time as Alvaro Morata and Oyarzabal scored to put a seal on their victory. Croatia got knocked out.

Belgium Vs Portugal:

The Belgians were more concerned with defending rather than attacking throughout the game, it got better when Thorgan Hazard scored a brilliant goal from outside the box. Cristiano’s Portugal tried their best but the well-experienced defence of Belgium was too strong to beat. Just like that, the title holders were out of the competition. Portugal got knocked out.

England vs Germany :

The English squad is so eager to bring it HOME that they didn’t give the opposition many chances. So many players gave an outstanding performance and marked a win for England. Germany was expected to be better but I think after they won the World Cup 2014 they haven’t been the same. Sterling again got the goal for England, he’s enjoying this competition a lot. Jack Grealish played the part of the super sub for England as his presence changed everything for them. 

Switzerland Vs France:

I wonder if many people expected this match to end as it did. France the World Cup holding champions couldn’t stop Switzerland, a team that doesn’t consist of famous world-class players. Granit Xhaka the man in defence and attack provided much-needed experience and leadership on the field. France did attack a lot but Yan Sommer is a world-class goalkeeper and knows how to stop the French attacks. Match went to penalties, Kylian Mbappe was the fifth penalty taker and he missed it. The funny thing about this match is that the market value of Kylian Mbappe alone is more than the entire Swiss squad. Sometimes all that shines isn’t diamond. France got knocked out. 

Czech Republic Vs Netherlands:

The Czech team was underestimated by the Neds and they had to pay dearly for this mistake. A mistake from Matthijs de Ligt costed them the game. De Ligt was shown red during the game which eventually leads to a less powerful defence, he took the blame on himself for this loss. The pace of the Netherlands couldn’t do anything in front of the Czech defenders. Netherlands got knocked out.

Wales Vs Denmark:

Denmark had to return to the pitch after nearly losing one of their players with 2 defeats in group stages. Denmark then responded by becoming the first team in Euro history to score 4+ goals in consecutive matches. Wales was looking confident during the match but unfortunately, it was the end for Wales and Gareth Bale. The journey was beautiful but now it’s over.

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