PES 22 Or FIFA 22? Which Game Is Better For Windows?

The fight for supremacy has been going on between these two companies in marking their dominance in football console gaming. The brains behind these games are using different techniques to make their product the customer favourite.

After the update by Konami to change the name of their product it has developed confusion among their fans. The former famously known name (Pes) has been changed to E Football. In a few years, it is expected that EA Sports will change the name of ‘FIFA’ to something else based on their preference.

The latest version of FIFA 22 and Pes 22 is out. Let’s compare the two games based on the most important criteria.


Konami always optimizes their game better than their rivals. It has been the same story this year. Although most of the system requirements are quite similar. However, you can play eFootball on a much low-end GPU compared to FIFA 22. 

FIFA and Pes system requirements

The creators of eFootball (Pes) concentrate more on details for their console version of the game. On the other hand, EA works on both PC and console to make them equally beautiful.

In terms of Optimization eFootball (Pes) wins easily.

2: Players

In terms of rights and licenses, FIFA is far ahead of its competitors. They are tied up with most of the teams of this world and face little to no problem in terms of adding players to their game. The eFootball 2022 creators did try to add more players and managed to bag in some famous names like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

It might change in future as the world may get into a divide between these two giant companies. As of now, they’re far behind compared to their rivals. FIFA is the ultimate winner here.

3: Graphics

Each year both these games are updated yet we see many flaws and glitches in them. The EA uses Frostbite Engine which is often reviewed as more clean and playable compared to other football games. Konami will still use Unreal Engine as it is strong and produce better and genuine graphics.

It has been up for debate and the majority of them are won by FIFA as it is more popular and widely accepted by football fans worldwide. 

4: Teams

The domination of FIFA in this category is real and would take a lot of work for their competitors if they want to win over them. The eFootball (Pes) managed to convince Juventus in joining them making some trouble for their competitors. If big teams like Juventus continue to join them then it’ll be only a matter of time before they actually compete with them. 

Big Teams that have partnered with eFootball (Pes):

  • FC Bayern Munich
  • FC Barcelona
  • Juventus
  • Arsenal
  • Corinthians
  • Flamengo
  • São Paulo
  • River Plate

Other teams are expected to sign with them in future. As things stand FIFA is the undisputed winner in the category of Teams.

5: Modes

The FUT has been the most important innovation for FIFA as they generate massive income by selling such in-game facilities. Meanwhile, eFootball has an Ultimate Team of their own which is called myClub. The developers are trying to add more modes in eFootball for the upcoming versions of the game.

EA has added prestigious competitions like the Champions League and other domestic leagues to their game. The addition of Volta by FIFA which gives the user to play street football. The overall career experience in FIFA is much better compared to their rivals.


The most important point of this debate is that eFootball is upgrading at a faster pace with good results. The trojan horse has been used by them to convert the market towards themselves. The new version of eFootball would be available for Free. It may be a great strategy by them to convince people to try their product instead of paying $60-$100 to their competitors.

The overall fan favourite is and has been FIFA despite all the advancements done by their rivals. They will remain to dominate the world of football with the fame and economic advantage they face. Although both of them need to make big changes to make their game glitch-free. 


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