Is FK Bodø/Glimt the biggest club of Norway? New Eliteserien Dominators?

The Eliteserien is the most prestigious league for football in Norway. It is hidden from the eyes of others as people don’t know anything about Norwegian football. The FK Bodø/Glimt won the last edition of the competition and stand in pole position to win it this year too. Molde are second to win it this year but they might end up as the second-best just like they did in the previous season.

FK Bodø/Glimt is a club filled with young talents from their own country and these players posses a huge threat to their opponents. The biggest highlight of these players is the (6-1) win over AS Roma in their home ground. The FK Bodø/Glimt boys humiliated Jose Mourinho and Roma in the UEFA Europa Conference League.

People expected opposite results but the men in white had other ideas to make Jose and his team suffer in the North. 

Future title dominators?

Bodø/Glimt is currently enjoying great success in Norway and a little limelight from their success in matches with famous teams. The club lost a single game in the previous season while they end up with 81 points in the end. An impressive run for FK Bodø/Glimt in their home league will help them mould their team into a stronger team in future.

The young sharp strikers are the main reason why Bodø/Glimt has been dominating the Eliteserien in recent years. Players like Erik Botheim (21), Ulrik Saltnes (28), Amahl William (31) and others help in converting passes into goals and eventually into more points. Erik Botheim managed to get a hattrick of assists and a brace in the match against Roma. The team scored 103 times in the 2020 season and they are continuing this goal scoring form in the 2021 season too.

FK Bodø/Glimt will likely win the league title this season and make a good signing for the next season. People always expect clubs like Rosenborg and Vikings to dominate Norway’s Eliteserien league but there is a new title challenger for these big clubs.

If FK Bodø/Glimt manages to win the UEFA Europa Conference Cup then it will be certain that the club could afford to sign some more players and make their team stronger. Winning a UEFA competition would also mean more attention and business for the club which will help them in creating a media image in front of the world.

It won’t be wrong to say but FK Bodø/Glimt can easily be the FC Bayern Munich if they play their cards right.

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