France triumph over Finland in a close match.

Winning this match was crucial for France as they lost to Finland last year (2-0). The double by Antoine Griezmann marked the perfect revenge for the French.

France stands in the first position in their World Cup Qualifier group as the other teams involved are not strong enough to beat them. The World Cup holders will qualify easily for the World Cup. Losing tonight didn’t end the dreams of Finland of a come-back and show their true worth. They can still qualify for the World Cup if they play well in the remaining 4 WC qualifying matches.

The manager of the winning team made some big changes to mark this victory in their name. The Frech forward Antoinne Griezmann got to play as a striker along with Karim which helped him get a brace. Earlier he was played as a false striker which doesn’t suit the player.

The player made an achievement for the country in today’s game. Griezmann is now closer than ever to break the most goals scored for France record. After today’s brace, he is sharing the 3rd position with Michel Platini to be their country’s all-time top goalscorer.

It looks like moving to Atletico Madrid revived the Griezmann we all once knew. The striker is finally back and now he shared a good bond with Karim Benzema in the attack. 


Deschamps started with the expected lineup with Varane in the centre as the main wall in the line of defence. Other two central defenders to assist him and stop any attack from Finland. In midfield, Pogba is the spine of France as he planted most of the attacks with the pace of Lucas Hernandez on one wing with Martial on the other.

Benzema and Griezmann were the two primary strikers for today. The first goal happened when Benzema made a beautiful pass from the inside of his foot to Griezmann who went on to open the scoring for tonight.

Overall after struggling for too long to get a win they finally got one. The French team drew in their last 5 matches and the pressure was increasing on the players and their coach. The people and fans of France can be at ease after knowing that their country is still capable to score goals and win matches when they require it the most. 

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