Granada enjoys European Glory for the first time in their history.

Granada is taking the Europa League seriously and they’re doing better than our expectations.

Granada knocked Napoli out in the Round of 16 and now they are easily marching towards the Semi Final where they will face Manchester United.

Rise for Granada and fall for Napoli. Under Gattuso Napoli is struglling this year in Serie A and now after being knocked put by Granada CF Gattuso is unable to say anything about their bad form.

In his defense Gattuso blamed Granada for using cowardly tactics to win over them

Napoli has been eliminated by a Spanish side for the second season in a row. Napoli lost to Barcelona in The Champions League 2019-20. Granada CF became the fifth Spanish team to knock them out of a European compeition. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic and Villareal have knocked them out in the past.

The Spanish domination still exists in both the Champions and Europa League.

Granada In Europe so far:
7 Wins
2 draws
2 Defeats

18 Goals scored
6 Conceded

Granada are no t the favourites to win the Europa League but if they do it will the best ahchievement for the club and fans.

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