Jack Grealish Or Jadon Sancho? Who Is The Better Signing?

The two giant clubs of Manchester have expended their money on the most expensive English players of this decade. In the previous season, they were fighting for supremacy while City was ahead of United early on. To make the competition more problematic the two clubs will do anything they can to make their rival taste defeat.

The deal is done and money has been spent. Now the questions that arise are, who is a better signing among these two? which team got the better deal? Let us compare them on stats and figures.

1: Personal Stats: (All-Time)

Jadon Sancho is far ahead in terms of stats despite being younger than Grealish. Some people might argue that he played in Bundesliga while Grealish played in the Premier League.

Speaking on stats the two players have:

Jadon Sancho Jack Grealish
Goals: 74Goals: 43
Assists: 75Assists: 59
Minutes Per Goal: 178Minutes Per Goal: 496
Minutes Played: 13,169Minutes Played: 21,311

2-Club Level:

Jadon is an ex-Manchester City youth player who moved to Dortmund to get more game time and experience. Jadon stayed at Dortmund for 4 years and made his own name worldwide.

Grealish is a member of Aston Villa right from the start, the club made him who he is today and everyone is proud of him. The player is moving out after being with them for almost all of his lifetime making a bond with the club and everyone.



Jack Grealish got unlucky in lifting titles in his time at Aston Villa, despite having a decent team they did not win anything together.

Sancho already has some trophies in his cabinet, he won the German Cup, the German Super Cup with Dortmund and U-17 World Cup with England.

3-International Contribution:

Jack Grealish win this category easily over Sancho. The two players are yet to make a big contribution for England, we may compare their stats of the recent Euro 2020 competition. The presence of Jack Grealish in the England National team is clearly seen, he can change the fate of a match after coming on from the bench.

Sancho also got to play in the Euro 2020 but couldn’t capitalize on the chance.

Who got the better deal?

Manchester City will sign Grealish for £100M while their arch-rivals United signed Sancho for £72M. People who understand mathematics can easily understand that United got the better deal, keeping the fact in mind that Sancho is 21 years old.

Who is the better player?

Hundred opinions by hundred people about their favourite player being the best. Grealish comes with more experience and additional good defensive skills with him while Sancho has better stats compared to Grealish.

To understand who is better we must first learn the conditions around the player before jumping to any conclusions. It’s difficult to compare an attacking winger (Sancho) with a player who plays in multiple attacking positions for his team.

Sancho played in a better team along with other world-class talents in a comparatively easy league while Grealish has proved himself in the Premier League.

As things stand it would be fair to say that Grealish is a little ahead of Sancho, at least for now. If Sancho proves himself in the Premier League then maybe after a season or two he will surpass him to be the better player.

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