City No Longer Interested In Kane | Messi Top Priority

The news of Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona has made everyone insane and FC Barcelona fans depressed. All the big clubs are revolving around Barcelona to get the signature of Leo Messi for their club.

Minutes after the news of FC Barcelona failure to re-sign him PSG rumours started and some reliable sources confirm that PSG will be the first team to approach Messi with a contract.

PSG may be the first club to send him a contract but there is another big club that would love to sign him. Pep Guardiola and Manchester City will love to sign Messi as the past relation between Messi and Pep have been fruitful, they can reunite and rule the Premier League if Man City owners agree to this deal.

If City signs Messi, it will be clear that they won’t go for Harry Kane. The wage demands of Leo Messi won’t be cheap either and the club will only go for one player from these two.

The transfer fee of Harry Kane is set around £160M by Tottenham, if City wants to sign Harry the club will have to send some players in their offer to complete the signing and a massive amount too. On the other hand, if they sign Leo Messi then the player will come for free and they have to manage some funds to complete the deal.

Signing Messi will be in the best favour of Manchester City, the people already love Messi and will shower a grand welcome to the player if he joins.

There are some reasons for Man City to not sign Messi. The player is already 34 years old, this age is considered as old in the Premier League. The other Premier League teams are targeting young players to shape the future of their club. The magic of Messi will be surely seen but not for a long time.

Pep is close to hitting the 1Billion mark of spending in Manchester City since the time he joined them.

City signed Jack Grealish for a massive sum of £100M and gave him the number 10 jersey. We can easily understand that City wants to rely on Grealish for their attacking needs.

The doors of Harry Kane coming to City is closing sooner than expected.

A player like Messi won’t stay jobless for a long time. All the English clubs will love to sign him. Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are already interested in him. Man City needs to make their deal quickly to not miss this big opportunity.

If Manchester City signs Lionel Messi then no Premier League team will be able to dominate them and they will be victorious again with the League title.

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