The La Masia academy player Takefusa Kubo is on loan to Mallorca from Real Madrid.

Kubo is again in the news after a successful display at the Olympics while playing for his country Japan. Kubo scored 3 in 6 matches and was the highest scorer. Real Madrid wants Kubo to master his attacking capabilities as they want him to replace Modric after retirement.

The Japanese player is loaned for the next season to Mallorca and he will miss playing for his ultimate club for at least one more season. The player was on loan for the previous two years at Villareal and Getafe.

Kubo won the Europa League with Villareal last season and achieved many things in these two years. The player will move to a third Spanish side in three years to gain experience.

Real Madrid is yet to make a big signing since the last three transfer windows. The club is struggling to manage their books as they are in big debt just like their rivals FC Barcelona. 

In the past years, Madrid is only removing players from their squad when they should be adding them.

The signing of Hazard had to be the turning point for Madrid instead he was injured for the majority of his time at Madrid. The team relies on Benzema in attack and Ramos in defence, the team lost Ramos too in the current transfer window to PSG.

The team will now rely on a much older yet experienced Benzema with Kroos and Modric in the centre backed up by Militao and Nacho in defence.

Kubo is famous in La Liga as he is a former La Masia academy player and people know wherein his talents. The player will get mature at the ideal time when Real Madrid needs him the most. Madrid wants Kubo to understand the Spanish scene and learn how to win over these La Liga teams. If he can do it with Mallorca or Villareal then he will find victory to be easy.

Real Madrid is yet to make any transfer bid for Kylian Mbappe. If things go like this the team will face a huge blow as they won’t have a threatening attack and winning any title will be too difficult for them. 

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