3 Reasons Why Lewandowski will Sign for Real Madrid

Did you know that Real Madrid have failed to sign Lewandowski three times? Yes, that’s true. Real Madrid’s first attempt for Lewa also known as ‘The Body’ was in 2013, when he first said “No” to Real Madrid. They also tried to sign Lewandowski in 2015 and 2018. Bundesliga’s GOAT Robert Lewandowski is considered one of the best strikers in Bundesliga history. He is the all-time top scorer in Poland’s history as he scored 74 goals in 128 appearances(s) for his country.

Lewandowski has scored over 600 senior career goals for club and country and, according to IFFHS, only 23 footballers have made this record in history. Among all other awards, he was awarded as ‘The Best FIFA Men’s Player: 2020, 2021’ and ‘Ballon d’Or Striker of the Year: 2021’

He started his career with Lech Poznań, but became noted since he played for Borussia Dortmund. After netting four goals for Borussia Dortmund against Real Madrid in the Champions League,2013, Florentino Pérez (President of Real Madrid) wanted to get a grab of Lewandowski, he was highly impressed with Lewandowski’s performance, but he failed to get him.

In 2015, Real Madrid once again tried for Lewandowski, but Bayern did not express any intention to sell him as they increased his salary to 16 million per year. Real Madrid’s last attempt was in 2018, but Bayern once again resisted.

Reasons why Lewandowski will sign for Real Madrid:

1: Personal Glory

Fans often gossip that the Bundesliga is easier than the Premier League and La Liga. So, Lewandowski may want to increase his profile by proving himself in another league, like David Alaba did. There are a lot of controversies regarding the fact that Bundesliga players have less chance of winning the Ballon d’or, and that’s partially correct or you can say totally correct. That could be the main reason for Lewandowski’s decision to move to Real Madrid. Because it’s also true that La Liga and Premier League players have a great chance of winning the Ballon d’or. That’s why Mbappe and Halland are also trying to move towards La Liga clubs.

Robert Lewandowski is considered a well-deserved contender for the Ballon d’Or. So, to win the highest glory in football, he can leave Bayern and join Real Madrid.


2: Homesick

Lewandowski may be feeling homesick. The entire football career of Lewa is tied to the Bundesliga so far. He started playing for Dortmund in 2010 and is currently playing for Bayern for seven seasons, both of which are Bundesliga clubs. So far, he has not had a chance to explore another league, so he wants to make some changes in his career so that he can play for another league.

3: Perfect Timing

Robert Lewandowski is in his prime time now. He scores in every second match. This is the best time for him to move to Real and grab the Ballon d’or. Since Bayern Munich do not like to play with overaged players, they may show less effort to retain Lewandowski. So, just as Messi has moved to PSG, Ronaldo has moved to Manchester United, Lewandowski should follow the same path and make progress in his career.

4: Money

Lewandowski’s market value has declined somewhat over the last three years. He could change his club to make more money, and Florentino Pérez has a clear intention of buying this Polish striker, so if Lewandowski expresses his impulse to move to Real Madrid, he will get a big deal from Pérez. Both Real Madrid and Manchester United have an attractive spot for him and can conceivably offer higher wages than Bayern. 

Bayern did not pay the proper fee for Thiago or Alaba, and thus they left for Liverpool and Madrid, respectively. So, the same thing could happen to Lewandowski. He can benefit from this and ask for massive signing wage from Real Madrid.

Does Real Madrid wants to sign Lewandowski?

At 33, Lewandowski is still firing on all cylinders and has scored 41 league goals this season in the Bundesliga. This is definitely a great number for a striker and, since the departure of Ronaldo, Real have missed a player of this calibre. But Real Madrid has Karim Benzema as their striker who has been nothing short of exceptional for the past few seasons. Karim Benzema has unequivocally become Madrid’s best player, with Madrid entering the UEFA semi-final because of his thrilling hat-trick and beating PSG with an aggregate of 3-2.

Real Madrid have already shown their interest in Lewandowski, so they may go for him. Wouldn’t they be happy if they got him a good deal? Of course, they will be happy, and we fans will be happy to see the Lewandowski-Benzema pair.

Fast forward to today, a few reports suggest that Robert Lewandowski is still intense about completing his dream transfer to the Spanish capital and that his agents are listening to offers at the moment. There may be some interesting changes in the transfer window for the upcoming summer.

Will we see ‘The Body‘ in Real Madrid? Let fate decide his journey.

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