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Lukaku is back at Stamford Bridge to complete his unfinished business left with them. Chelsea is happy to announce the signing of Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan. The striker will be a constant threat for their opponents and he’s not the old Lukaku now.

Romelu has arrived in Chelsea for medicals and after getting a green signal from the medical team the club will announce the signing of this player.

Inter Milan had to sell their best striker to balance their books and make their club stable for the next season. 

The condition of Serie A is very poor. Despite the club winning the Serie A last season it looks like they can’t manage their finances. The winning team of Serie A wins just €23.4M which is really less considering the increasing transfer value of players, the Premier League teams that get relegated earn more than them (£43m). 

The price you earn for being the Champion of Italy is too less considering the less of the world. No wonder why top players stay away from Serie A clubs in their prime.

Romelu admires this club and is passionate to be back at the Bridge. The player said:

“I dreamed to play here since I was 10 years old. It was just what I was searching for,”.

“It’s amazing to arrive here in a big club with big ambition. It was just what I was searching for.”

The prime target for Chelsea was Erling Haaland but Dortmund asked for a massive transfer amount and subsequently, Chelsea changed their target to their former player. There are mixed opinions of people on Lukaku coming back. The current squad of Chelsea is filled with young talented and promising players. The addition of Haaland to this squad would’ve meant confirmed success in future if not now.

The transfer of Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea confirms that the time of Tammy Abraham is coming to an end. The player did not play the majority of the matches for Chelsea in the past season and was benched throughout the season, it was said that he is not a part of Tuchel’s plan.

Clubs line to sign him as the player is young and many other teams can still benefit from them. West Ham, Aston Villa and Atalanta are interested in signing him. Inter is expected to buy Zapata from Atalanta and they look at Abraham as his replacement.

This transfer also ends the dream of watching Lewandowski in Stamford Bridge. The club won’t be able to afford Bayern’s best striker after the current signing.

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