Messi takes massive pay cut | Big club stars shown the exit door

In the latest Messi transfer saga, the player has agreed to take a 50% pay cut and agreed to a 5 year-long deal with FC Barcelona. The club couldn’t afford Messi but now they have solved this problem by giving him a long contract and ease a load of his wages over 5 years. Leo Messi will officially be with the club for 5 more years, the Argentine will be 39 years old when this new contract will end.
What’s at stake?

Leo Messi is losing a big amount if this contract offer goes through. The player is world-famous and recently won Copa America 2021 with Argentina, any team will sign him on his terms too. Barcelona is his boyhood club and people say that he took this decision for his family and his feelings for the club. If Messi stays at Barcelona he will lose:

€250,000 a week.
€1,000,000 a month.
€12,000,000 a year.
€60,000,000 for his whole contract.

In the case of Barcelona if they want this contract to run smoothly they will have to sell players who take huge wages. According to the latest news, Griezmann will leave them and join back his old club Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid’s midfielder Saul was looking for a move-out and now he will be swapped with Griezmann. Honestly, the only Barcelona attacker that had some success at Barcelona since Suarez. We all know that Griezmann is full of potential but now he’s going back to play with his old friends.

Barcelona cannot afford to keep both Griezmann and Messi for the next season. It could be that all this is pre-planned as they signed Memphis Depay who can play in his position.

It was Messi who wanted to leave under their previous club president. Bartomeu before leaving the club made a lot of trouble making decisions. Lionel wanted his release clause to be activated but that didn’t go far. Any club who wanted to buy Messi would have to give a €700M release clause, keeping this in mind he decided to end his contract at Barcelona. Laporta got elected and Bartomeu got out, the player wanted to know his view about his role in the club and he liked his ideas. The current club president Laporta is seen as a just man and people believe in him. After his arrival, things changed and Messi was again inclined to Barcelona.

During all this Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City got eager to sign him. Now no club will be able to get the greatest player of all time unless and until he wants to leave. 

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