Mason Mount Or Mason Greenwood? Who is the better player?

In the heart of England, these two extremely talented players are keeping everyone surprised by the performance they give for their clubs. These two young lions of England are the future and everyone is excited to watch them compete against each other for the battle of the best.

Who is the better player among them?

1: Personal Stats

Mason Mount and Greenwood are too young to have hundreds of goals and assist to their name. Despite being too young they prove helpful to their team whenever required. Mount is 2.5 years older than Greenwood and has much more experience than Greenwood.

Overall Career Statistics:

Mason Mount Or Mason Greenwood? Who is the better player?

Greenwood may be younger and have played much less compared to Mount but he surely is better in front of the goal. One more reason for Greenwood to be better in this category is that Greenwood plays as a second striker while Mount is a midfielder who attacks occasionally but is often the player who makes the assists. 

The Red Devil’s youngster is far ahead of Mount and many other young players when it comes to scoring. Greenwood is more clinical and skilful in attack as compared to Mount.

Mason Greenwood wins in this category.

2: Titles

It was all Mount in the previous season. Chelsea won the Champions League and the contribution of Mount was clearly seen by the world. He is luckier as he won the European Championship even before reaching his prime. Thomas Tuchel has revolutionalized this club to be the title contender in every competition they face.

On the other hand, Greenwood did not win anything in his career. The recent years of Manchester United have gone by in suffering to lift titles. It might change in future as this team always look strong to win every title they play for.

Mount is the winner in this category.

3: International Career

When it comes to the country both of them share the same crest and sing the same anthem. The duo shares a good bond on the international stage, unlike their fans who spread hate towards each other.

The Chelsea youngster scored 4 which is more than the 2 goals by Foden. While Foden has won the Under-17 World Cup and Mount the U-19 Euro. In the case of Greenwood, there have not been contributions for his country

However, Greenwood is comparatively young and can change this in future. At this moment Mount is ahead of Greenwood.

4: Individual Titles

The best way to decide on a better midfielder is to check who has won more individual honours to his name. Any great player is always rewarded for his performance. 


Honours Of Mason Mount:

  • Chelsea Academy Player of the Year: 2016–17
  • UEFA European Under-19 Championship Golden Player: 2017
  • Eredivisie Team of the Year: 2017–18
  • Chelsea Player of the Year: 2020–21
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2020–21
  • Premier League Academy Graduate of the Year: 2020–21

Honours Of Mason Greenwood:

Premier League 2 Player of the Month: April 2019

  • Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year: 2018–19
  • IFFHS Men’s Youth (U20) World Team: 2021


Mount has achieved more in his career and that has also led him to win more titles in his name. The Chelsea man is the winner. 

Is Mount better than Greenwood?

The style of player these two are it is difficult to compare them just based on stats. Greenwood plays a much more attacking role while Mount is a midfielder similar to how Lampard used to be for Chelsea. 

The Chelsea player is good in his area of midfield where he easily manipulates the ball to convert them to attacks while Greenwood is someone who can dribble past defenders and score a goal for himself. 

It would be unfair to judge these two so early in their career. In future, they will be the leaders along with a few other youngsters. As things stand Mount is ahead of Greenwood. It’s not the end for him as he has 2 years in his hand to overcome this and maybe get much more ahead of Mount.

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[…] Mason Mount Or Mason Greenwood? […]

[…] Mason Mount Or Mason Greenwood? […]

[…] Mason Mount Or Mason Greenwood? […]

[…] Mason Mount Or Mason Greenwood? […]