Neymar injured ahead of big cup match. Conspiracies arise about him.

Neymar is one of the most decorated player in current times and he is famous for some wrong reasons too. Every person knows about her sister and it’s not difficult for fans to start pointing fingers on any player.
Mysteriously just like ever single year Neymar again got injured around March 10, the birthday of his sister.

It can be coincidence or dumb luck but there has to be some connection with him being injured on the same time of the year.

2015: Suspended
2016: Suspended
2017: Injured
2018: Injured
2019: Injured
2021: Injured

Neymar’s sisters birthday is either a curse for the player or a blessing we might never know. Many people think Neymar deliberately gets injured or suspended in March so that he can spend time with family.

All these are just theories with little facts in them. Only Neymar can solve this theory for all of us.
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