Florentino Perez Disrespects Real Madrid Legends In Leaked Call

Florentino Perez is the man who is seen as a villain after the publicity stunt he made in the name of ESL and now he has his hands in something deeper. A call recording was leaked by El Confidencial and what a time to do it when he is threatening other clubs for leaving ESL. Names of many Real Madrid ex-players and Legends are mentioned in the leaked audio of 2006.

Fans of Real Madrid hate Perez and Madrid for what they did with Casillas. The club received massive criticism for their decision to sell him. Iker Casillas cried during his interview before leaving Madrid and people blamed Perez for this. In the leaked call Perez mentioned Casillas as ‘Great Failure’. The full statement goes as “Casillas is not a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, what do you want me to tell you. He is not. He has never been. He has been the great failure we have had.” The Real Madrid president further added “Remember the Clasico where we were playing the title? Casillas came late to training on Friday, because he was talking to his girlfriend. What a joke, man!”. Iker Casillas is a Real Madrid club legend and deserves more than this, he shouldn’t say such things at least in 2006.

The president went on and said about the baldness of Zinedine Zidane another club legend. He joked about Zidane during that call, “Zidane? He is already bald. The other day I almost went blind by the light reflected off his head into my eyes. 15 years from now I’ll still use shampoo. He won’t.” I think it’s clear why Zidane decided to leave Madrid for good. The letter left by Zidane to Perez can be clearly understood now. Zidane made the right choice and left Real Madrid.

Long time Real Madrid captain and prolific goalscorer was criticized for not bringing enough business to the club. Perez said “Beckham is a good guy, really smart too. He brings €30m per year, Ronaldo Nazario too, Zidane €25m. And then there’s Raul, who sells nothing, man, nothing, not even a jersey, the guy has no media value.” Raul was a key player for Madrid back then when everyone loved him. Raul gave everything to his club just to get humiliated by his club president. Raul doesn’t deserve such disrespect.

Florentino Perez went on to disrespect the overall sport and that’s when he crossed all his lines, he said “Players are selfish. You can’t count on them for anything. I have a horrible image of footballers, horrible, horrible. I’ve seen lots of things in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like footballers, man.” A man who sees football as an opportunity to make money shouldn’t get to be the president of a prestigious club like Real Madrid.

Perez is denying the leaked call from 2006 and he says it is to defame him and a conspiracy after his involvement in the ESL. Perez has contacted his lawyers and will probably take legal action against El Confidencial. We don’t know how much truth lies in this but we do know one thing that Real Madrid does not know how to respect their legends. It started with Casillas followed by Ronaldo and now Sergio Ramos. Madrid is using players to their prime capacity and sell them whenever they’re done with them.

If the above-leaked call data is true then surely Perez doesn’t deserve to be a part of football. People have the right to know the truth. Let’s wait and see who wins their claim over this leaked call recording.

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