35 Reasons Why PSG Will Win The UEFA Champions League Next Season

The capital of France is on fire with PSG making nuclear signings from all around the world. The Paris giants have gathered a team of the finest talents available in the world. 

PSG now have the best Morrocan, the best Brazilian, the best Argentine, the best Frenchman, the best Italian in midfield, the best Defender of all time and the most promising goalkeeper in this world. The above 7 players are the best of their country while they have other 2nd best and 3rd best players of other countries in their squad.

35 Reasons why PSG will win the Champions League next season:

1: The Champions League trophy was almost in their hands before Bayern snatched it away in 2020. PSG are revengeful and will destroy anyone coming in between them.
2: The new PSG team consist of players who won multiple Champions League title, only Messi and Ramos together has 8 combined. Players who won the World Cup, players who won the Euro 2020 and players who won the league title with a different team last season.
3: PSG has the ultimate team any person can ever imagine in reality. The team is filled with players who are well experienced and have proved themselves in the past.
4: The other UCL favourite teams are getting weaker except the Premier League sides.
5: Neymar and Messi will re-unite and we all know what happens when they play together.

6: Messi will drop balls for Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria and Icardi making tons of goals throughout the season.
7: Mbappe is hungry after the penalty miss and failure for his country.
8: Neymar is devastated yet happy as people will get to blame someone else from now.
9: The best form of Neymar will be seen in UCL as he is back in the shadow of Messi, where he plays the best.
10: Leo will score a hattrick of goals and assists against Barcelona and knock them out to the Europa League.
11: Ramos will injure Hazard, Valverde, Bale and Militao to disable the chance of Madrid playing any competition.
12: When Leo is fouled the opposition will see Ramos running towards them and destroy them.
13: Pochettino will block Tottenham from everywhere to stay away from bad influence.
14: Marco Verrati is eager to win the UCL ahead of Chelsea as everyone is praising Jorginho after Euro and not him.
15: The better version of Morata (Icardi) will try to prove himself as he’s walking on thin ice and with time he’s getting fat.
16: Donnarumma will stop all the balls when he’s shown a bag full of money from the Sheikh.
17:Pochettino will get Zidane’s head butt twice a day to learn how to win trophies.
18: PSG will be the club with the most fans as the majority of Barcelona fans have started to migrate.
19:Ligue 1 teams will retire from Ligue 1 and all the Paris players are well rested for the UCL.
20: PSG will sign Ronaldo next season if they can’t win the UCL this season.

21: The players will face the wrath of Nasser bin Ghanim Al-Khelaifi if they don’t win despite having the wage bill of 2 five star clubs.
22: Neymar will stop diving and stay fit for all the UCL matches.
23: Neymar won’t celebrate the birthday of her sister to win the UCL.
24: Messi will deliver the promised UCL trophy to *his fans.
25:Pochettino will be given a contract based on the UCL competition and will immediately leave for Tottenham as soon as they lose.
26: PSG will win the UCL, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A, World Cup, UEFA Euro, Intercontinental Cup, Club World Cup and Ballon D’Or for every player in the same year
27: PSG have the best Argentine – Leo Messi
28: PSG have the best Brazilian – Neymar
29: PSG have the best French – Kylian Mbappe
30: PSG has the World Cup and 4 time UCL winner – Ramos
31: PSG has the best goalkeeper of Euro 2020.
32: The MNM trio will eliminate all the other trio’s and score 100 goals each and win the UCL.
33: Nasser bin Ghanim Al-Khelaifi will buy UEFA.
34: PSG buy more players in the next season if they fail to win this season making 3 teams inside their own
35: Make the European Super League and WIN IT!

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