Camavinga to Manchester United is almost done | Another Van De Beek?

Eduardo Camavinga the youngest player to ever player from France is linked with a transfer move to Manchester United. Earlier it looked like he won’t move for another year but Rennes have decided to sell him this season rather than selling him for nothing next season as he only has only a year left with them.

Camavinga has been the centre of conversation for many people as he’s a mind-blowing player having great stats in Ligue 1 at such a young age. He was the target of many clubs this year and now it’s certain that he wants to play in England.

Is he the next Van De Beek?

Manchester United boss Ole should understand his needs and make his transfers accordingly. Ole will have a tough choice next season as he has to fit Sancho, Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Pogba and Cavani. Ole didn’t let Van De Beek prove his talents at United as there was no place for him with the red devils. It’s possible that Camavinga can share the same fate as Van De Beek if he moves to United. Jesse Lingard expected to come back as there have been no official offers from West Ham Utd. Van De Beek is clearly a more experienced and more eligible player than Camavinga but it didn’t work out with them.

Fewer seats and more deserving candidates are the situations we all hate the most. A new task is up for Ole and Manchester United.

Does Camavinga want to move?

Well if he didn’t want to move there wouldn’t be any rumours about this out. Some months ago he expressed his desire to play for PSG and now with these rumours coming out it’s certain that he himself wants to play in England for Manchester United.

Camavinga is just 18 and has the world ahead of him. Moving to United looks like a good choice and if things didn’t work out he can even move out maybe before turning 21.


Transfer Details :

Looks like Rennes will accept an offer of €28M-€30M for this young wunderkid. manchester united and Rennes are in direct contact and if things work out this deal may happen in a matter of days.

PSG still have their interests in this player. If they want they can start a bidding war with United as €30M isn’t a lot for Paris. PSG can jump in between and snatch the player but they are currently busy making other deals happen.

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