Bayern Munich Legend Robben Retires | Shocking Career highlights

If you ever visit Munich and ask anyone who is Robben I can bet he will definitely know him and maybe sing his praises too. Robben enjoyed great success during his time in Bayern Munich and now he’s retiring for a second time but permanently.

Summary of Robben’s career:

Robben was blessed to play at big clubs with world-class players. Started his career at Groningen and then moved to PSV where he got some light on his name. The Dutch professional was getting famous in his country for his quick feet and attacking skills. Chelsea offered him a contract and he moved to London and play in the Premier League. He went on to win two Premier League trophies but he was on the bench most of the time as he was injured.

Soon after winning two Premier League titles, there was an increase in interest from other clubs and Real Madrid went on to buy him in 2007. Robben played a crucial part in Real Madrid as he provided them with positive results. He won La Liga in 2007 the same year and was one of the main reasons behind the victory.

Florentino Perez wanted to completely change Real Madrid and the Greatest transfer window in the history of Madrid happened. Perez went on to buy players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Kaka, Xabi Alonso and some other World Club players. Robben felt threatened and he decided to leave them.

Bayern Munich welcomed Robben where he was an instant success, he scored a brace in his first match. He won the Bundesliga in his first year and a fourth league title in five years. Since then Robben went to impress the people of Germany and won his side many titles. Bayern Munich and Robben won the Champions League once, the Bundesliga eight times and DFB-Pokal five times.

Moving to Munich was certainly the best decision for Robben. In his time at Munich, he paired with Ribery and were nicknamed ‘Robbery’. The two wingers shared great chemistry with them and are still loved by millions of people worldwide. The contributions of these players in those years helped Bayern Munich reach the fame they have right now.

Robben for Country:

Robben played a crucial role in the Netherlands. They came close to win the World Cup 2010 as they lose against Spain in the final. Robben played the whole final but couldn’t get the winning goal. In the World Cup 2014, they secured third place and Robben was an important part of the team.

After enjoying a long and fruitful career at Bayern Munich the player realized that he’s getting slow and can’t cut inside the box like he used to. The player decided to retire from football in June 2019. It was emotional for his fans to see him retire from football.

Almost after a year he decided to play again and this time with his boyhood club Groningen and now on 14 July 2021 he has again decided to leave the beautiful game again. Memories of Robben cutting inside from the wing is still fresh in the eyes and minds of hundreds of people.


Stats of Robben’s career :

• 245 G/A for Bayern Munich
• 41 G/A for Chelsea
• 28 G/A for Real Madrid
• 42 G/A for PSV
• 8x Bundesliga winner
• 2x Premier league winner
• 1x La Liga winner
• 1x Champions League winner

No matter if he decides to leave the pitch. One thing is sure that we will always cherish the memory of Robben in our hearts and minds.

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