Mateo Messi or Thiago Messi Signing For FC Barcelona?

The best fairytale in the history of the beautiful game is going through a dark phase with Leo gone from his kingdom. Everything was perfect for Leo Messi to be the greatest player in history Barcelona, La Liga, Argentina, World and the Universe. Fate had other things planned for him and now he is at PSG making a new story with new faces and a new country.

When Messi joined PSG his son Thiago Messi was enrolled in the FCBescola for the FC Barca academy. Thiago joined them at just the age of 3 so that he can perfectly fit in the shoes of his father. However, the Argentine leaving Spain meant that his family will also have to leave behind everything.

After moving to Paris the 7 times Ballon D’Or winner enrolled his two kids Thiago Messi and Mateo Messi to the PSG academy where they will get their education and learn football too.

Will Thiago and Mateo Messi join FC Barcelona?

The reason why the kids of Leo Messi will join Barcelona is that this city has been their home since birth and their father’s still beat for the Blaugrana. Fans of Messi and Barcelona still believe that he will re-join them before ending his career as a journey this great can’t end like this.

Leo Messi before leaving for PSG shared his last message to the club, “I would have loved to stay here, I did everything and in the end, it didn’t happen”. On the surface, it might look like the end but there is still time left before he hangs his boots.

Even if Messi doesn’t join Barcelona as a player he will surely join them as a coach or a president in future. He will want his kids to play for the club he loves the most. Given the history between Thiago and Barcelona, it won’t be a surprise if he joins Barcelona to play under Xavi in future.

It should also be known that Messi does not force his kids to follow in his steps. The player has shared his thoughts about his kids becoming footballers in future where he mentioned that they are too young and do anything they like. He won’t force them.

No matter the amount PSG may ask for Thiago and Mateo Messi in future the club will manage to get them in their team. After all who won’t want to see another Messi playing for FC Barcelona except for the rival fans.

A new start is going to happen in future. Exciting!

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