Best Full Backs In The World

Football today has seen a lot of changes with new rules and styles coming in. Attacking and defending qualities together are now more in demand for the game and with more detailed tactics and strategies coming into the game, the need for variables has to increase. Today’s full backs in football have adapted this rationale and have started playing beyond the orthodox football with forward playing and with many assists and goals in their names too.

We are getting to see emerging stars from full back positions who contribute highly to the victory of their respective teams and this list acknowledges the top 5 fullbacks in today’s time who are very important assets of their teams.

5: Joao Cancelo: Manchester City

When Manchester City bought Cancelo for 60 million pounds from Juventus many thought that it was a heavy risk taken but Cancelo proved them wrong. Although he struggled a bit in his first season, he has outdone himself in the last two seasons for his Man City team. He is a perfect Pep Guardiola type player mainly known for his speed, dribbling skills, creativity and crossing ability playing like a midfielder or a winger any time needed. Cancelo this season too is Man. City’s best creative players even from the full-back position. He can play right-back, left-back along with executing all his defensive duties.

Matches 27
Pass Success86%
Tackle Success65%

4: Reece James – Chelsea FC

James is an absolutely brilliant player with enormous control, strength and pace that makes him a great defender as well as an attacker. When attacking he has superb speed and he can also strike a ball very cleanly for direct goals. He is very versatile as he can play in midfield, center back, right back and even in the right wing-back. If we see beyond his statistics which are very commendable, James being one of the full-backs with the greatest eminence in the Premier League has great impact and deserves to be on our list. 

Matches 17
Pass Success88%
Tackle Success67%

3: Andrew Robertson – Liverpool

The Scottish Liverpool icon under Jurgen Klopp became integral to the team. He is a tough player who can make hard tackles, is pro at fast runs and puts in crosses engaging in link-up play. He is basically never stopping till the full 90 minutes. Robertson has been one of the best-left backs in the world for the past 5 years and has won both the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League with the Reds. His performance has been impactful enough to make him Liverpool’s one of the most important players on whom the team can rely for goals and assists whenever needed.

Matches 22
Pass Success84%
Tackle Success71%

2: Achraf Hakimi – Paris Saint-Germain 

With his transfer to PSG last summer, the Moroccan international has developed remarkably, claiming a place for himself at Europe’s top clubs. Before that Hakimi has played for Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Inter Milan. He can play both as a right full-back and a wing-back. His acceleration, awareness and quick touches while dribbling are excellent and while defending his tackles are accurate along with his aggressive style. Hakimi is making an impact with his recent performances and with his defensive and offensive tactical setups he is thriving to become a complete player in himself demonstrating his talent and abilities thoroughly.

Hakimi missed PSG’s second leg game of the Champions League round of 16 against his ex-club Real Madrid as part of the Champions League on March 9 due to a thigh injury. 

Matches 23
Pass Success90%
Tackle Success65%

1: Trent Alexander Arnold – Liverpool

Trent is one of the best attacking full-backs in world football. He occupies attacking spaces like a winger or a midfielder. Trent is known for his right footwork so he has got amazing long-range passes and crosses along with excellent free-kick taking ability. Some even say that he is the best England had since David Beckham. He is continuously thriving because of his various skills like long-range passing, switch hits, link up plays, and intersecting runs along with his exclusive work rate. Trent is getting better and better with his work with top-notch quality and Gary Neville has even commented on Trent saying, ” He is David Beckham and Kevin de Bryne at right back.” He is an extremely precious asset to the team with his non-stop contribution to it.

Matches 26
Pass Success78%
Tackle Success52%

Honourable Mention:

Kyle Walker – Manchester City
Walker’s best days might be behind him but in his prime, there was no one better than him. On his day he could run a 100m sprint in probably only 11 seconds and no one will be surprised because he is a beast in his pace. Walker is famously known for his powerful runs, his defending tactics, along with all skills like crossing and assisting too and now that he is older his experience is gold.

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