Top 10 Managers Of Football 2022

In football, the managerial position is such that is the most crucial yet some people don’t contemplate its importance. A manager is someone who has wide-ranging responsibilities, including selecting the perfect team, choosing the right tactics, recruiting highly promising players and transferring players that are no longer of use for the club, negotiating player contracts, and speaking to the media. Strategy is everything when it comes to professional football. 


The starting 11 are the individuals who define the fate of the match while in some exceptional cases tactical substitutions also change the fate of the team. Planning the strategy for each match and instructing the players on the pitch, motivating them before and during a match, and delegating duties to the first team coach and the coaching and medical staff are some of the responsibilities of a manager. 


Scouting for young but talented players for eventual training in the youth academy or the reserves to seal the future of the club, and encouraging their development and improvement, buying and selling players in the transfer market, including loans, Facing the media in pre-match and post-match interviews are the added duties of a manager.

10: Brendan Rodgers 


Brendan is a well-known football manager who is in charge of Leicester City. Rodgers joined Leicester City back in 2019 after that he won the FA Cup in the 2020-21 season. The squad has also qualified for European football for two seasons in a row while teams like Arsenal failed to do it. He was also a member of various clubs in the past such as Liverpool in 2012 before joining Celtic as a manager in 2016. Rodgers is someone who understands the dynamics of the game and can help your team in bracing crucial moments such as the relegation zone or a derby.


Current Club – Leicester City

Nationality – Northern Ireland

Birthday – 26 January 1973 (49 Years Old)

Total Matches – 646

Career Wins – 341

9: Julian Nagelsmann


Julian Nagelsmann is the head coach of Bayern Munich and a former professional football player from Germany. Before taking over at Bayern, he was manager of Hoffenheim before joining RB Leipzig. He is one of the most popular managers, as well as the youngest manager who is proving a threat to other superior clubs, it is one of the main reasons why FC Bayern signed him up. He won the title of youngest manager while playing for Hoffenheim, as he led the squad to a victory over Atletico Madrid, a rare achievement these days. Nagelsmann is managing well in FC Bayern Munich and it looks like he is after the ultimate Champions League in the next season.




Current Club – Bayern Munich

 Nationality – Germany

 Birthday – 23 July 1987(35 years old)

Total Matches – 275

Career Wins – 142

8: Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio is a football coach and manager for the popular Argentine squad, which is a professional football tournament team. In 2019, the Tottenham Hotspurs squad competes in the renowned English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League final. The career he had at Tottenham is not very fruitful as he did not win anything with them. Pochettino is a smart manager and understands how to change the fate of a match. It was just not working for him in the Premier League. The French giants saw his great potential and decided to sign him up for PSG. Since moving to Paris his fate changed drastically as he has won a good number of titles in the starting seasons itself. The recent achievements make Pochettino deserve to be in the 8th spot.



Current Team – Paris Saint-Germain

Nationality – Argentine

Birthday – 2 March 1972( 50 years old)

Total matches – 594 

Career wins – 288

7: Diego Simeone

Diego Simeone is the manager of Atletico Madrid in Spain. He is ranked seventh among the world’s top ten managers and is also the highest-paid manager. Since joining Atletico Madrid, he has been a huge success for the team. Atletico Madrid has seen many great things under the guidance of Simeone. People also know him for the ideology he shared with his team to play aggressive football. He is the master of the dark arts. No matter what strategy he uses Simeone always managed to make his team as competitive as it can be even though the team won’t be at the level of other 5-star clubs. That is the magic of Diego Simeone.

Since 2011 he has been managing Atletico Madrid and it looks like there is still more to come.




Current Club – Atletico Madrid


Birthday – 28 April 1970 (52 years old)

Total Matches – 780

Career wins – 434

6: Zinedine Zidane


Zinedine Zidane is a well-known manager who has been in charge of Real Madrid for a short period. Under Zidane, the Spanish giants won the Champions League 3 times in a row. Achieving something like that is a miracle in itself as other teams cannot even dream of winning it three times consecutively. Real Madrid also won the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga and many other titles under the leadership of Zidane. If he would have continued in the same way for a few more years then he would’ve been the greatest manager of all time. Zidane has earned the position of legend in Real Madrid both as a player and a manager. He is always surrounded by rumours of coming back or signing up with a different club but nothing has been decided yet. In future, we may get to see more of Zinedine Zidane.


Current Club – N/A
Nationality – French
Birthday – 23 June 1972(50 years old)

Total Matches – 320
Career wins – 200


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