Top 5 best central defensive midfielders of football 2022

The central defensive midfield position is the most difficult as they have to provide work of two roles which of an attacker and a defender in the midfield positions. The worse part is that most of this hard work gets unnoticed and the strikers get to eat all the cherry off the cake. In the modern game, the style of play for a defensive midfielder (CDM) has changed a lot. Earlier having good defensive skills was enough for the player to be a great CDM but now he has to increase his work rate to help the team in defending as well as scoring. Nobody does that better than Kante and he is the ideal example of a perfect defensive midfielder.

Top 5 Defensive Midfielders In Football Right Now:

5: Aurelien Tchouameni – Real Madrid

The new young prospect of Real Madrid who is also the direct replacement of Casemiro after his transfer to Manchester United. Tchouameni has shocked the world in a very short span of time is winning the hearts of Madrid fans and assuring them that he is the man they can rely upon after Casemiro. Tchouameni and Camavinga are the new young duo who look forward to dominating together in Madrid. 

Aurelien Tchouameni is pretty young to be on this list but the fact that he is performing so great makes him well deserved to be here.

Passes Completed %87%
Blocked Shots22
Tackle Success %77%
Fouls Committed51

4: Ngolo Kante – Chelsea

The man who has completed football. Kante has won all the big titles that any player can dream of in his career and all these titles there was a major contribution of him. The story of Ngolo Kante is very inspiring and that is also the reason behind his humble and shy behaviour. In the last few weeks, there was a slight decline in his performance but it does not cancel out the fact that Kante is one of the best CDM of this era.

Once Kante retires and people analyze his contributions then only they will fully appreciate him. The stamina and work rate of Kante is incomparable.

2021/22Ngolo Kante
Passes Completed %87%
Blocked Shots5
Tackle Success %80%
Fouls Committed22

3: Casemiro – Manchester United

The old Real Madrid hero is now the new wall for Manchester United in the Premier League. It is very early now and he is yet to show his impact in Manchester but we are pretty confident he won’t find it difficult to do so.

In the last Champions League victory of Real Madrid, there was a major contribution of Casemiro which as usual got unnoticed by most of us. Since the departure of Sergio Ramos to PSG, he has been the driving force of Real Madrid in defence and he took the responsibility very well. Casemiro deserved more recognition in his time at Real Madrid and maybe now he will get that in the Premier League.

2021/22 Casemiro
Passes Completed %86%
Blocked Shots13
Tackle Success %68%
Fouls Committed54

2: Rodri – Manchester City

The start of Rodri was very slow in Manchester City as it took him some time to move in and settle with the team. People doubted why Pep was giving this player a chance after a few average performances. Rodri was also the world’s most expensive defensive midfielder in 2019 when he moved to Premier League from Atletico Madrid. He is a good passer, great at attacking when he gets the chance and perfect in the defensive positions. 

The team survived quite well even without a striker last season when they won the Premier League, it all happened because of the contributions of players like him and Kevin De Bruyne in midfield who were also a threat to the opposition as they were always keen to attack whenever they get a chance.

Passes Completed %92%
Blocked Shots13
Tackle Success %73%
Fouls Committed43

1: Joshua Kimmich – FC Bayern Munich

Kimmich is the most versatile player of this era. He can play as a central midfielder, a right or left full-back and even on the wings as an attacking winger. The Bayern Munich team is very strong and consists of such exceptionally talented players making there no competition for them in Germany. In the past few years, he has been competing with Kante but sadly Kante surprised us all better. Now as the form of Kante has declined a bit we can easily say that Kimmich is the best defensive midfielder of 2022.

Kimmich possesses skills and talent which help him in breaking between the lines and making beautiful passes throughout the match. Every Bayern fan must agree that Kimmich is the rightful heir of the club legend Philip Lahm. He is still young compared to Kante and he will continue to dominate this position comfortably. 

2021/22Joshua Kimmich
Passes Completed %88%
Blocked Shots7
Tackle Success %49
Fouls Committed20

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