5 Best Goalkeepers 2022

Goalkeepers are the pillars of any football game. They save the game for their team and can often change the flow of a match. In today’s context, there are so many new faces emerging as effective goalkeepers who stand strong between the ball and post with enormous strength and reflexes.


A goalkeeper is someone who does not usually get praise for his contribution to the team, even though sometimes they are the sole reason behind the victory. So here’s our take on the top 5 goalkeepers of 2022 on the basis of an objective evaluation of players’ performances over the last and current year (21-22). 

1: Alisson Becker – Liverpool FC

This Brazilian keeper has it all to become the legend many keepers thrive to be. He is currently Brazil’s number one goalkeeper. His saving performance is grounded on strong technical skills, and great anticipation of the incoming ball. Alongside, the Liverpool stopper is also the contributer to assists and goals in this season’s Premier league making him one of the top notch players in the league right now.


Premier League 21/22 stats

Clean Sheets16
Total Saves58
Goals Conceded18

2: Ederson Santana de Moraes – Manchester City


Ederson has been continuously playing without faltering for the last few seasons and his consistency can be seen in his performances. He can be easily tagged as the best clean sheets keeper making exceptional saves for his team and he was awarded the Golden Glove for best goalkeeper in the 2019–20 Premier League season. He is also known to be a strong defensive organizer and he was also the goalkeeper with the fewest goals scored in the 2020/2021 Premier League. To add to the cool statistics of the player, Ederson has saved 75% of non-penalty shots on target—the best in the world by far.


Premier League 21/22 stats

Clean Sheets16
Total Saves49
Goals Conceded18

3: Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid


The Belgian keeper is probably a strong factor responsible for the leading position Madrid is in the  La Liga.  He along with his keeping skills has a great footwork to do with. His acrobatic dives when one-on-one with a striker are often the show stealers. Although the start of his career in Madrid was rough he came back stronger to prove in the last two seasons. In 2019/20, he kept a division high 18 clean sheets as Madrid won its first La Liga title in three years. The season has just gone Courtois kept another 17 clean sheets, just one less than Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak as Madrid finished second behind its city rival.

La Liga 21/22 stats

Clean Sheets19
Total Saves72
Goals Conceded37

4: Jan Oblak – Atlético de Madrid


There’s no denying that Jan Oblak was the best goalkeeper in recent times with his effective timing and saving skills. He has been in top form consistently with high number of saves for his team whenever needed. He is known for his tranquillity in the field and his capability of staying in the best position required. Oblak now equals two of the best players in the history of LaLiga, such as Víctor Valdes and Antoni Ramallets, and becomes the first non-Spanish goalkeeper to achieve five Zamora trophies, alongside being the second in history to achieve four in a row since Valdés himself did it between 2008 and 2012. Oblak has had one of the best seasons and his statistics speak for him in that case.


21/22 La Liga stats

Clean Sheets10
Total Saves44
Goals Conceded25

5: Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich

Captain to both the club he belongs to and the Germany national team, Neuer has proved himself at every given point in his career at Bayern. He has a superb control over high aerials. Anyone familiar with Neuer will be familiar with his intense long runs to clear up loose balls. The German team’s loss at EURO 2020 hampered his rankings and although not completing the season in the best way possible Neuer’s stats are enough to keep him among the top goalkeepers of the world. 


Bundesliga 21/22 stats

Clean Sheets8
Total Saves53
Goals Conceded19

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