Who are the Top 5 Goalkeepers of 2022

It is that one position in football that gets the most criticism because of the complexity of their role. If a striker makes a mistake he can cover it up by scoring a goal in the same match or the next but in the case of goalkeepers, it is totally different. Although they are the backbone of the team they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. In the past few decades, we were lucky enough to experience some brilliant keepers who went a mile ahead to do what the old keepers didn’t.

With the addition of goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer, Iker Casillas, & Gianluigi Buffon the bar is raised higher than ever. The modern-day keeper should possess multiple qualities to be the best.

Top 5 Goalkeepers In Football 2022

1: Thibaut Courtois

The architect of Real Madrid in the current season who is also one of the main reasons why they maintain the first position in La Liga deserves to be on top of this list. It was all going south for him a few seasons back but now the ex-Chelsea keeper is ready to face any challenge for Real Madrid. People expected him to be a star in the future since his early days when he used to defend Stamford Bridge. At the current time, there is no other goalkeeper that can manage the speed, agility & technique of Courtois.

Goals Conceded28
Clean Sheets17
Save Percentage81%

2: Eduardo Mendy

The player who impressed all of us with unexpected performances that helped Chelsea win Europe. Everyone expected Mendy to be applauded for the great season he had but instead, he was robbed. The PSG keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma won the Lev Yashin trophy which is one of the highest honours for any goalkeeper, the Chelsea man had far better stats than him but still couldn’t win that title. The best part is that nothing stops Mendy and he is going strong towards the next title helping Chelsea bring their glory years back.

Goals Conceded23
Clean Sheets16
Save Percentage79.7%

3: Jan Oblak

Oblak is one of the keepers who have made it to the top 5 since the past many seasons although in the 2022 season things are not going as planned initially for him. The Atletico man is the best when it comes to stopping goals, in the previous season he saved 80% of the shots he faced. Jan Oblak has everything it takes to be the best goalkeeper of this generation if he continues his long streak of giving breathtaking performances for club and country. In my opinion, Oblak has the best reflexes under difficult situations which makes him one of the best.

Goals Conceded25
Clean Sheets18
Save Percentage80%

4: Ederson Santana de Moraes

Manchester City is treating the Premier League like it is a league of their own. City lost just 3 matches this season while they lost 6 in the previous season where they won the Premier League, they will likely do it again this year. In order for any club to flourish you need 11 perfectly strong and contributing players and Ederson is the player, Man City can rely on times of need. Ederson had the best record in the previous season with the least goals conceded by any goalkeeper in the Premier League. The fans of City love it when Ederson does something extraordinary and throw his body on the ground making a unique memory for himself and everyone else.

Goals Conceded28
Clean Sheets19
Save Percentage75%

5: Manuel Neuer

The GOAT keeper deserves to be on this list, if we compare in terms of achievements none of the above keepers can come close to what Neuer has achieved in his career. It has been more than a decade for him since he joined Bayern Munich to dominate the world of goalkeepers. A majority of people believe that Neuer deserves to win the Ballon D’Or in 2014 where he won pretty much everything possible. The German has every trait that is required to be a perfect goalkeeper and has maintained this record for a long time.

Neuer maybe 5th in this list but he may be the best goalkeeper in the history of goalkeepers when he retires.

Goals Conceded42
Clean Sheets9
Save Percentage67.5%
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[…] Top 5 Goalkeepers 2022 […]

[…] Top 5 Goalkeepers 2022 […]