Wolves devastated by the departure of Nuno

Nuno Espirito Santo is leaving Wolverhampton FC after 4 successful years. The decision came after a mutual agreement between the club and the manager. Nuno became the foundation of success and he is the guy who brought pride back to the Wolves fans.

Nuno was signed by the club owners in 2018, at a time when the Wolves were struggling in the Championship. In his first year, Wolves won the Championship and were promoted to the Premier League.

A big challenge lied ahead of Nuno and Wolves but they faced every situation fiercely.

Wolves Championship
Wolves win the Championship

To help you understand the situation better, the previous year of signing Nuno Wolves finished at the bottom of the group. Nuno was the change the club was in dire need of. Nuno made a lot of changes in this Wolves side and made them competitive to the standards of Premier League.

In his first year in the Premier League, Wolves finished 7th and he was greatly applauded by the Premier League critics. Wolves finished in the same position (7th) for his second year too.

Under Nuno, the Wolves reached the quarter-finals of the Europa League but sadly they were knocked out by Sevilla. The current season (2020-21) was a very unlucky season for Wolves, after the skull damaging injury of Raul Jimenez things started to fall apart and it got from bad to worse. Somehow Nuno still managed to keep them afloat but they ended up in the 12th position.

nuno espirito santo

People are pointing out the possibility of him joining Tottenham and it is very likely to happen. Allegri rejected Tottenham some weeks ago along with some other managers. Nuno has a good CV now in the Premier League and maybe Tottenham would love to sign him. 

Achieving glory with a strong and financially backed club is easy but restructuring a club with limited resources is difficult and Nuno achieved the difficulty and for that every Wolverhampton fan respects him.

Nuno Espirito Santo will be missed in Wolves.

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