Germany filled with Rainbows after UEFA ban | Euro 2020

The Germans are reacting perfectly to the ban of UEFA on illuminating the rainbow colours on Allianz Arena. From Stadiums to Newspapers to display pictures and flags everywhere one can see there will be a rainbow. The ban somehow united the people against UEFA and now they face massive criticism on their name.

People blame UEFA for many reasons but they are not exactly guilty on this issue. UEFA holds a policy of not getting into political matters and using Rainbow colours affects some rights of Hungary. UEFA responded quickly after getting negative criticism and they explained that the Rainbow is not a political symbol but ‘the request itself was political’. We don’t know the actual reason why they refused it but the outcome of it is more beautiful. Everyone is united and wants equality in all forms of life. Isn’t that what we all want?
All 46 German clubs have pledged to illuminate Rainbow colours in their stadiums today including Wolfsburg, Augsburg, Koln, Hannover, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne and many others. Apart from football clubs many organizations and companies are coming forward to display rainbow colours during the Germany Vs Hungary match. People are expected to come in huge numbers outside Allianz Arena with Rainbow flags and hope for an equal future.

More power to all the people who are making a difference in society for the oppressed and troubled. FC Barcelona in the latest shared their emblem with Rainbow colours. Many other teams have been supporting the cause and we wish one day the suffering will end.
Germany will play Hungary in their 3rd group stage match. Winning against Hungary with maximum goals is the primary objective for Germany right now as Germany and Portugal share both points and goal difference. To gain a direct entry in the next round Germany needs a win, for Portugal things are going to be difficult as they play France. Scoring many goals against Hungary won’t be easy as peter Gulacsi has the clean sheets in Bundesliga last season and they will have to break in if they want to score any goals tonight.

Group F is keeping up with the expectations that we had. Two great matches on the same day with the biggest of players involved.

If Portugal loses against France then it will mean the end of Cristiano Ronaldo’s journey of Euro 2020. A lot is at stake for all the teams of the Group of Death. One thing is sure that we will enjoy every bit of it. Stay tuned.

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