Mikel Arteta - A legend in making.

Mikel Arteta is the man who is either hated the most or loved by Arsenal fans. Arteta sells them a dream but he’s unable to fulfil it till now but we all know that it’s a process and it may take a long time too.

Arsenal fans should change their behaviour about their players and the manager. Arteta is young,smart and he learned from the best. Arteta possess the ability to change the fate of Arsenal only if they believe him enough.
Love it or hate it but Arteta will get €150M in the summer transfer window and he plans to spend all of it but wisely. Some big and promising names in the favorite players list of Arteta such as James Maddison, Nabil Fekir, Onana, White and Lokonga. Arsenal have plenty of targets in their sight but with a limited budget they cannot go for every player they want.

Fake Pundits of English Football would rather love an an old guy to make a mistake tons of times just because he’s old and experienced but talk trash about a new man who is open to new ideas and plans to shape the club for better but in a different way.

Arsenal fans need to understand that Change is a ‘Process’ and not a ‘Step’.

Trust the process

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