Top 10 Best Dortmund Players Of All Time

The German giants Borussia Dortmund have always been linked with some of the best talents in the world. In the past few decades, we have seen some of the greatest players kick off their careers at Dortmund and become a legend when they retire. The scouts of this club have great eyes and recognize young talents very well. One of their ex-players Erling Haaland is making news in England for Man City, he is making the Premier League look easier by scoring tons of goals effortlessly.

Borussia Dortmund has seen some great days in the past although they have not been very successful lately. They are one of the only real opposition to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, it is difficult to compete against a club like Bayern Munich every year with consistency. Dortmund also makes their presence known every time they play European football.

This is a club with rich history and passion. Let us learn about the 10 great players who played for the black and yellow.

10 Best Dortmund Footballers Of All Time

10: Lukasz Piszczek

Piszczek is a player who has embraced Borussia Dortmund since 2010 and now he is among the legends of this club. A right back who has provided consistency and quality to the team when it matters. Piszczek won two Bundesliga and three DFB Pokal tites with Dortmund. He is one of the finest fullbacks in the history of  Poland. Apart from football, Piszczek is also known for the charities he does to help the underprivileged. Despite being a right back he has helped the team in counter-attacks too which made him a great asset, especially while playing under Klopp.

9: Robert Lewandowski

The serial goalscorer and two times consecutive Best Men’s player of the year need no introduction. It is the performances he made in Dortmund that helped him get a contract from Bayern Munich. In the last few years, Lewandowski has smashed quite a lot of records for the German giants. He spent 4 seasons with Dortmund and won the Bundesliga twice. At Dortmund, he learned great skills that helped him later in his career to achieve great titles.

In his last 8 years in Germany, he won the top scorer award 7 times, there was little to no competition for Lewandowski who could take this title away from him. Now he has embarked on a different journey in Barcelona. Life at Barcelona has started slow for Lewandowski as he is yet to win a major title for the Spanish giants. It is possible that Barcelona can win 2023 La Liga as they are on top of the table.

8: Andreas Möller

A true Dortmund legend at heart, he has done a lot for the club during his time as a player. Möller did not spend a long time with the club yet he has helped them achieve some of the biggest titles. He is a complete player who has won almost every major trophy including the Champions League, World Cup, Euro Cup and other mighty titles. He moved to different clubs in his career but his prime came at the time he was in Dortmund. Möller helped Dortmund to win two consecutive Bundesliga titles between 1994 to 1996 and also the only Champions League title.

Möller defeated Dortmund in the UEFA Cup final while playing with Juventus in 1993. However, it is ironic that later he joined Dortmund in 1994 and won the Champions League final for them against Juventus where he made two assists to secure the victory. 

7: Mats Hummels

Hummels has been among the top defenders in the world for a long time. He has proved himself for Dortmund on the pitch and now he is a legend for the club. He is among a few people who have played for Dortmund and their rivals Bayern Munich. Mats Hummels is the product of the Bayern Academy and was first loaned to Dortmund in 2008. Later he was officially signed in 2009 and he spent 8 years with Dortmund before moving back to Munich. After spending 3 years he came back to Signal Iduna Park in 2019.

Hummels has won plenty of titles for both the rival clubs in his career. He won the Bundesliga twice for Dortmund and two DFB Pokal Cups. Despite playing for rival clubs he is still respected by fans of both these clubs.

6: Roman Weidenfeller

Weidenfeller is a club legend who has embraced Dortmund for 15 long years. However, it is sad to see people not giving him the recognition he deserves. Over the years he won many titles with Dortmund and was their first-choice goalkeeper for a long time. Weidenfeller presence in goal was noteworthy and he has helped the team greatly in times of need. 

5: Stéphane Chapuisat

The Switzerland legend Chapuisat is among the most prominent names for Borussia Dortmund. Immediately after joining Dortmund Chapuisat proved very beneficial for the club. In his very first season, he scored 20 goals for them. Chapuisat was a part of the club between 1991-1999 where he won two Bundesliga titles and one DFB Pokal Cup for Dortmund. 

4: Jürgen Kohler

Kohler is among the few players who have played for both rival clubs in Germany. Long before Sergio Ramos and Maldini, he was considered to be the best centre-back. In his career, he has played for many big teams and joined Dortmund during his prime. Kohler won 6 trophies with Dortmund and sealed his name in the history books of the club.

Kohler is a true German who has also helped his country win great titles, he won the World Cup and Euro for Germany during his time with the National Team.

3: Marco Reus

One of the most loyal players of this generation who has stayed consistent yet did not leave Dortmund for a different club. Reus signed for Dortmund in 2012 and has been an integral part of the team since then. Many players joined Dortmund at a young age and then leave for a bigger club but this player has stayed loyal and has seen many of his teammates move after playing with him in Dortmund. He has dedicated his career to Dortmund and is highly regarded as a club legend by the fans.

2: Mathias Sammer

Undoubtedly, the finest player in the history of Dortmund. The Ballon d’Or winner has proved that he was the best midfielder of his generation. Sammer has even achieved a lot of titles for Dortmund including the Champions League, 2 Bundesliga titles, the UEFA Intercontinental Cup and the DFB Pokal Cup. The player moved from Dortmund to different clubs where he won more titles and made his name among the best German players of his time.

Apart from the achievements he made for Dortmund he also won the World Cup and Euro for Germany. Sammer returned later to join the club again as the manager for the club in 2002.

1: Michael Zorc

The most loyal product of Borussia Dortmund deserves to be in the 1st position on this list. Zorc played for 17 seasons with Dortmund a player where he won the Champions League and Bundesliga twice. After retirement, he returned as the club’s Sporting Director and has been a driving force for Dortmund ever since. Zorc was known for his leadership, technical ability and work rate. He holds the record for the club’s all-time appearances and it looks like he will have the record as it is very difficult for any player to stay as loyal as Zorc in modern times.

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