All clubs David Silva played in:

David Josué Jiménez Silva also known as David Silva is a former Spanish footballer who played as a central or attacking midfield. Known for his great passing techniques and mastered possession-retaining abilities Silva has a great history as a player and is undoubtedly considered as one of the greatest midfielders of his generation. David Sliva is not married to anyone but he has a girlfriend Jessica Suarez. He also has a son named Mateo who was born after pre-mature delivery and was struggling to survive but later on, the Spanish footballer confirmed that his son is healthy and fine. 

Silva has played for a total of 6 clubs in his career. He started playing for clubs at the very early age of 14. In his early days before becoming an attacking midfielder, he played as a goalkeeper. Silva’s retirement was a result of his crucial ligament injury as he wasn’t able to get back his form and it was getting difficult for him to make a comeback.

David Silva Club Timeline:

1. Valencia (2004-10)

2. SD Eibar (2004-05 loaned)

3. Celta de Vigo (2005-06 loaned)

4. Man City ( 2010-20)

5. Real Sociedad ( 2020-23)

Club stats of all the clubs Silva played for:

1. Valencia (2004-10)

David Silva is a gift from Valencia to the world as he became a professional footballer with the help of their youth academy. However he did not exactly start his career with Valencia but was loaned at first to Eibar so that he can learn and improve his gameplay dring his loan.
He returned to Valencia in the summer of 2006. Silva already had his place reserved in the team and had a successful career in the team. He missed 6 matches in this year and played the rest of the matches. Silva netted the ball first time with Valencia on 5 November 2006. That match was a 1-1 draw with Espanyol. At that time there were many teams interested in having Silva but he stayed in Valencia CF and also won Copa del Rey 2008. 
GOALS – 32
Unfortunately, Silva did not appear in any of the matches in the first 3 months of 2008-09 due to a chronic ankle ailment. Making his comeback in December, Silva played on 3 January 2009 against Atletico Madrid and netted the ball twice, winning the match 3-1. The Valencia star player scored 8 goals in the 2009-10 season adding up to Valencia’s return in the UEFA Champions League.

2. SD Eibar (2004-05 loaned)

Silva played in Eibar for a year. Being a young player he had a decent start with the new team as he was loaned from Valencia at a loan fee of around 800k euro. The young player got transferred to the team and appeared a total of 35 times. Being an attacking midfielder the amount of goals from a player with this role can’t be expected to be a big number. 




Silva was a hardworking and dedicated player due to which he got his entry into the club. He had that speciality and skills in him that made him a player Eibar wanted. Being very young and new to the club Silva’s commending game style and enthusiasm helped him a lot building an excellent career with Eibar.

3. Celta de Vigo (2005-06 loaned)

Silva was brought in Celta on loan and the loan fee was 24M euro. Having a decent career in this club following are the stats of this player in the club.




Played only 34 matches for the club Silva scored 4 goals and no assists. This was the club after which he was transferred to Man City where he went on to create a name for himself in front of the world. Silva’s performance in all the clubs was enough to be counted among the best.

4. Manchester City ( 2010-20)

City is the club where he played the most amount of matches and performed exceptionally well. 2010 was the best season and is reportedly considered the year of ending the trophy drought. Silva got 21 as his jersey number which was his classic number since Valencia. His first match was against Tottenham which was a 0-0 draw. This match is definitely remembered by all the football fans as it was an iconic match and Manchester City entered in the days where they were building their momentum and were rapidly moving towards their winning reign. 


GOALS – 77


David Silva established himself as a Star for Man City as he contributed majorly to many victories and effortlessly proved himself among the best of that time. Became man of the match after his thrashing victory against Swansea, set up various goals for his teammates, and got his name written in the history of Man City, Silva was compared to the greats of Spain like Xavi and Iniesta. He was an important element for Guardiola to rebuild this great club to glory.

Silva took farewell from the club in 2020 completing his 10-year stay in the club. Silva was also lauded as the best signing ever made in Manchester because of his astonishing stats and his pure dedication to the game. Appearing in the most number of matches with Man City, this was a major part of his career. Indeed he was one of the most valuable and successful assets of Man City.

Some Memorable Honors Of David Silva with Manchester City:

-2012-13 FA Cup and Premier League Runner-Up

-2013-14 Premier League and League Cup double

-2014-15 Premier League Runner Up

-2016-17 Player of the Year

-2017-18 Third Premier and League Cup Victory 

-2018-19 FA Cup, Community Sheild, League Cup and Premier League  

-The Statue Of Silva was unveiled at The Etihad Stadium on 28 August 2021

5. Real Sociedad ( 2020-23)

In August 2020 Silva joined Real Sociedad and played in the same club till his retirement. As per some sources, it is said that Silva was signed on a free transfer in this club. He played his debut match for the club against Real Madrid which was a 0-0 home draw. 

Played for a total of 3 years in this club Silva had a great time. His crucial assists and goals played a vital role in Sociedad’s success in the season making him Sociedad’s player of the month. His 1st goal for the team was in a match against Celta Vigo. It was a 4-1 victory. 




Playing 93 matches Silva scored 7 goals and 18 assists. With the amount of assists he had Silva proved again to be one of the best midfielders. But it was quite disappointing for him in the end because he missed 22 matches due to his persistent ankle injury. But still, it was a trophy-winning season and the addition of another honour in his career.

International Career Of David Silva:

Silva played for the national Spanish football team. He is counted among the key players of the Spanish football era from 2008 to 2012, a team which went on to win many titles and honours including the World Cup. The world-cup winner midfielder is considered one of the finest talents that Spain has ever produced. Silva was also a part of the FIFA 2013 Confederation Cup where he scored 2 goals and assisted David Villa against Tahiti in the group stage leading to a 10-0 victory.

GOALS – 35

Silva is undoubtedly one of the greatest from Spain who ruled many leagues and won various titles. Silva retired from the international scene in 2018 but has a legacy built that is hard to compare to many players and is even difficult for the players in the current scene to equalize. Silva is a living legend and will be looked upon as an inspiration for many.

What is Silva’s total number of trophies?

David Silva the Spanish footballer has a total of 16 trophies. 

David Silva’s net worth?

David Silva’s net worth is around or more than $55M. The Spanish Legendary footballer 

What is David Silva’s age and how many children does he have?

He is currently 37 years old and has a son named Mateo. His girlfriend’s name is Yessica Suarez Gonzalez.

Is Silva a car lover?

He lives in a lavish mansion worth more than $4M, and his love for cars can be seen through his garage as he has a Bentley Continental GT, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Mercedes Benz CSI. He also owns a 1992 Trans AM Gt. The combined worth of his cars is more than $4.4M.

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