The ill-fated Journey Of Isco Alarcon

Once upon a time, Real Madrid used to dominate every part of the field. They had a magician in the name of Isco when he runs it used to look like he’s flying with the ball and there was something unique about him. A promising and exciting prospect for Real Madrid and their fans in all forms. Little did they know that he will lose most of his charm and look like a liability. The journey Isco led is unexpected and saddening as the player had the potential to be one of the best midfield players.

What didn’t work out?
At the start of his career with Madrid, the player played well and was an easy fit. At times he was the star of the match for his team under Julen Lopetegui. Isco loved playing under Lopetegui but he got injured too often. The manager had to change formations as there were no other players in the squad who can play in his position, he tried playing Luka Modric in his position but his playing style is different and it didn’t work. Madrid and Perez realised that Lopetegui is not the right choice if they want to win trophies. As a result, he was sacked.

Solari was the new manager of Real Madrid and had different ideas and plans for the players of the club. Isco was not a part of his plan and this can be seen as the start of his decline. Solari was loved by Real Madrid and his fans. Solari was an elegant Madrid player and won 2 La Liga titles with them, any decision by him would be easily accepted by the club and its fans. The manager left Isco out of his plan and was benched for most of the season. Solari was a good player but he did not prove much as a manager. He was sacked too.

The French icon Zinedine Zidane replaced him and it was the beginning of a new era for Real Madrid. The Madrid board were ready to sell Isco but Zidane have faith in him and he stopped them. Things changed for Isco and he got slow. The rhythm he used to play with Lopetegui was lost after being benched and experimented with by the club. Under Zidane, the play didn’t flourish and it was a completely different player. During the ending phases of the season, Zidane didn’t prefer to play him and he was just more like an extra man in times of injury.

Isco is trying hard to change himself and again be productive for the club. The player is seen working hard to get in shape and play under Carlo Ancelotti again. We all know that he is a world-class player who faced big challenges at a very young age and can still manage midfield if he gets back to how he was. People expect Isco to be transferred after a few bad seasons but those who know ball will understand that he is still important for the team. The bar has been raised too high by Modric and Kroos in the past seasons.

Isco can either take back his place and respect from the club or he can move somewhere and have a fresh start. The Spanish national is currently 29 and according to rumours Pep Guardiola was interested in him for a long time. We just want to see the prime days of Isco again.

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