Top 10 Tallest Centre Forwards In Football Right Now:

When it comes to tall football players all we can think of are defenders and goalkeepers as they usually are tall and strong, those two traits are favourable for their position. However, in football, it does not matter if you are tall, short, fat or weak as this sport does not distinguish between players. One only requires true dedication and talent to play football and enjoy it. There is a reason why only football is called the ‘Beautiful Game‘ in the whole world.

In the last few decades, we have experienced all forms of players playing in different parts of the world. One thing that we should note is that every trait has its own perks in football. Tall players have an advantage during aerial duels and it is quite difficult to push them off the ball as they are usually strong. The bad part about being tall is that the movement seems slow for other players and usually it is difficult for tall players to dribble well.

Top 10 Tallest Centre Forwards In Football Right Now: 

10: Erling Haaland 1.94m or 6’4″ foot

The most promising player of this generation is among the highest players in the world. Haaland is tall yet fast for players of his height making him very hard to stop in attacks. In the recent few months, Haaland has been the centre of media after he decided to move into the Premier League. Since moving into the Premier League he has been bagging goals for fun and is also the highest goalscorer in the team. 

The future of Erling Haaland is very promising and interesting.

NameErling Braut Håland
9: Zlatan Ibrahimovic 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

The player who considers himself the best among other players and who is known for his goalscoring is also on the list of the tallest players. At the age of 40, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is going strong and he continues to mark his presence in the world of football.

The Swedish player has a signature move where he scores the goal using his ‘Scorpian Kick’. Zlatan knows martial arts and is a black belt himself but there is one more thing that helps him pull off his move which is his height.

NameZlatan Ibrahimović
8: Fernando Llorente 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

The Spaniard Fernando Llorente has been a part of many clubs in his career winning many titles. Llorente was also in the World Cup winning squad for Spain in 2010. The player has played in the top 3 leagues which are Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A and has scored in almost every competition he played. 

Fernando will go down as one of the good strikers in Spain.

NameFernando Llorente Torres
7: Gianluca Samacca 1.95m or 6’4″ foot

The young Italian forward is very promising and talented which earned him a move to the Premier League. Gianluca signed for West Ham United in 2022/23. One of the best parts about this player is that he makes good use of his height to score beautiful goals. In the previous season, he scored 16 goals and 1 assist for the Italian club Sassuolo. 

It would be too soon to rate this player but it looks like the future is promising for this young guy.

NameGianluca Samacca


6: Bas Dost 1.96m or 6’5″ foot

The Dutch player Bas Dost has been one of the finest strikers of the last decade. He dominated the Portuguese League during his time at Sporting CP. Dost also made his name in Germany where he used to play for Wolfsburg. The player has been the top scorer thrice and has scored 262 goals in his career. The player is 33 years old now and it’s likely that the young generation won’t know much about him. Those who know this player understand how good he is.

NameBas Leon Dost
5: Wout François Weghorst 1.97m or 6’5″ foot

Wout is a Burnley striker currently on a loan to Besiktas. The player has scored some beautiful goals in Turkey but unfortunately, he did not win any title in his career. The player has won the highest goalscorer in 17/18 in the Dutch league. 

NameWout François Maria Weghorst
4: Lars Veldwijk 1.97m or 6’5″ foot

The South African star Lars has been making his name in the Korean League. He has also played in the Dutch League and also for the English Championship when he used to play for Nottingham Forrest. A major part of his career went in the Korean league which is one of the reasons why many people don’t know much about him. One of the best parts about him is that despite being tall he is known for making assists to his teammates very often making him a playmaker on the pitch.

NameLars Veldwijk
3: Lorenzo Lucca 2.01m or 6’6″ foot

The Italian striker Lorenzo is pretty young and promising. He has impressed a lot of scouts and if he continues with this he can make a big move soon. Currently, Lucca plays for Ajax, a perfect club for young players like him to prove how good they are and get the recognition they deserve. 

NameLorenzo Lucca
2: Lacina Emeghara Traoré 2.03m or 6’7″ foot 

Imagine being taller than the goalkeeper in every match. Lacina Traoré has always been surrounded by his fans asking him questions about his marvellous height. Traoré is even taller than Courtois and many other goalkeepers out there. Despite all this it has not been easy for him, he tried his luck in some leagues including the Premier League, La Liga and Ligue 1 but failed to make a mark. The player made most of his glory when he played for CFR Cluj where he won 7 titles with them


Lacina Emeghara Traoré


1: Kyle Hudlin 2.06m or 6’8″ foot

Kyle is an England national and he plays for AFC Wimbledon. He is so tall that he can make Zlatan look short in front of him. Kyle is very young and has a whole career ahead of him. The start of his career has been slow but you never know if he turns out to be the next Peter Crouch. 

NameKyle Hudlin
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