The Golden Boy of United Returns

It has been a tough week for the fans of Manchester United but little did we know that the weekend will be magical. The player who is considered as one of the greatest to embrace the Red Devils is coming back.

It was a miracle for some, a gift for the fans and utterly shocking for many. The owner of Old Trafford is coming Home. The only student of Sir Alex along with David De Gea who have football is coming Home. The best player of the Greatest English manager is coming Home. The dream of millions is coming true. The unimaginable is unfolding in front of our eyes.

This transfer brings a ray of hope for all the United fans all around the world. They faced humiliation and defeat for a long time and now it’s time for payback, it’s time for revenge.

The man who has no unfinished business in Manchester is coming back to bag more titles in his name. The greatest ever to do is back where he belongs.

Just a month ago Cristiano was untouchable and Juventus wanted him to play for at least one more season before he leaves. Things started to heat up but just because of the Kylian Mbappe transfer as Ronaldo was seen as his replacement by many people. The idea of watching Cristiano and Messi play together is enough to get any fan to stop thinking about positions, wages and anything else.

The first news outlet to spark the Ronaldo transfer was L’Equipe. All the media and news agencies followed their report in huge numbers. The player was almost confirmed and move to Manchester City by many media outlets.

The way things were shaping for Ronaldo it was clear that he is getting closer and closer to signing for Man City. The hardcore United fans felt the pain of watching Cristiano playing against him even before he signed for them. Twitter was bombarded with thousands of tweets about him joining Cristiano, some people went as far as to name him ‘Snake’ and share hate comments on the player. 

Meanwhile, Harry Kane confirmed to stay in Tottenham thereby disallow every transfer rumour about him. The striker’s spot in City is still vacant and they really need someone to replace Aguero. It was certain that Man City will land the 5 times Ballon D’or winner. 


Friday started as a worse day for United fans as they were listening to Ronaldo to City rumours for almost a week. People didn’t want this transfer to happen, it would ruin something beautiful in the worse way possible.

By lunchtime, everything changed. The feelings went completely opposite in a matter of seconds. Nobody saw Ronaldo moving to Manchester United and there were no ongoing rumours. The news was broken by no individual but the club themselves.

Manchester United players and celebrities from all over the world are totally shocked by this move. The internet was filled with millions of people reacting to just the news of Ronaldo leaving.

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