Italy win Euro 2020 | England lose on penalties

England started well with an early goal from Luke shaw in the second minute. Getting an early goal gave them confidence for the first half and they were the better side during the first half with most of the possession with England. Italy tried to threaten them but with no luck and few accurate shots on the target.

Raheem Sterling controversy:

In the first half Raheem Sterling got down in the penalty box, no foul or penalty was given to England. Bonucci and Chellini both had contact on the player but it looked like a soft touch rather than a push. The referee was confident about his decision and it didn’t go to VAR. This firm decision may be taken keeping in mind all the controversy of Sterling in the semi-final. Raheem Sterling was accused of diving against Denmark and get the winning penalty of the match. Raheem and getting down inside the box has been there for some time now and people are starting to take it less seriously.

Italian Domination of the Second Half:

Since the start of the second half, the Italians were dominating every part of the play. Federico Chiesa worked his way into the box and let fly on his right foot. Jordan Pickford with a fine saves to deny Italy and push Chiesa’s effort clear. Italy threatened England after the start of the second half and they didn’t take them seriously. They had to pay for their mistake with a goal from the Italian captain Leo Bonucci from a corner. Italy continued to perform during the second half and make their opponent look weak. Italy purposely made England come to extra time as they have more players on the bench and they only made one substitution in the second half.

Tired legs and dead creativity from many players on the field, cant blame them for this. Everyone expects them to win and take it home, be it London or Rome. The amount of quality England had in their team in extra time was unreal. The Italians were losing creativity but England had many young ballers to create the last pass and get the goal. Great defences and exhausted players made it certain that it’s going to extra time. Bonucci and Chellini has been the driving force of Italy. The main reason why the Italians made it till the 120th min. 

Deciding it the hard way:

Belotti missed the penalty for Italy followed by a miss by Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho. Southgate substituted them for taking the penalty which they missed. A bad decision by Gareth Southgate to substitute them in the ending moments of the match. Donnarumma was the better keeper among the two


A whole nation is mourning after the loss of tonight. England fought till the end but that wasn’t enough. 


It’s Coming Rome.

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