Complete list of clubs Romelu Lukaku played in

Lukaku is one of the finest and most promising talents of the last decade. Over the years he has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world. Although some of his experiences have not been good wherever he goes the world sets the eyes on him as everybody knows how good a striker he is.

In the career Romelu Lukaku, he has played for many clubs out of which his time at Chelsea and Inter Milan was the most successful. He started his football journey with RSC Anderlecht in 2009. So far, Lukaku has played for a total of 6 teams, representing 
RSC Anderlecht, Inter MilanManchester UnitedChelsea, Everton and West Brom.

Romelu Lukaku Club Timeline:

1: (2006-2011) – RSC Anderlecht – (41 goals scored in 98 Appearances)


2: (2012-2013) – West Brom – (17 goals scored in 38 Appearances)


3: (2013-2017)  Everton – (87 goals scored in 166 Appearances)


4: (2017-2019) – Manchester United – (42 goals scored in 96 Appearances)


5: (2019-2021, 2022-2023) – Inter Milan – (66 goals scored in 100 Appearances)


6: (2011-2014(loan), 2021 – Present) – Chelsea – (15 goals scored in 59 Appearances)

All the clubs that Romelu Lukaku played for:

1: RSC Anderlecht (2006-2011)

The journey of becoming a footballer started at RSC Anderlecht for Lukaku in 2006. A young player who had great goalscoring talents got a chance to play for RSC Anderlecht. During his time there he learned many things which helped him be the player he is today. Lukaku was the top goalscorer in the league and all the local scouts had their eyes set on him.

2: Chelsea (2011-2014)

Lukaku made his first big-money move by signing for Chelsea in 2011. It is a big achievement for a young boy from Belgium to sign for Chelsea and play in the Premier League. The bad thing about big clubs is that a young player has to wait for his chance to prove himself and if they make a mistake the next chance gets delayed. After moving to Chelsea the player did not get enough game time. 

Looking at the situation Chelsea saw it fit to loan him to West Brom.

3: West Brom (2012-2013)

The move to West Brom was not very significant for Lukaku as he did not get to prove himself while being on loan. One thing that changed is that he learned new skills and improved his game while at West Brom.


4: Everton (2013-2017)

Soon after the completion of the loan from West Brom, he went back to Chelsea. By this time it was clear to Lukaku that he will not get to be in the starting lineup of Chelsea at this stage. So the player again went on loan to Everton in 2013. 


In the same season, he scored 16 Premier League goals in 33 matches. The move to Everton was working out for Everton and he soon became the main striker of the team. Lukaku scored the most number of goals for a club in his career Everton. His speed, strength and finesse made Lukaku unstoppable during this period. 


The club was also pleased by the player and so they decided to sign him from Chelsea. The English club Everton signed Lukaku for a then-club-record transfer fee of €35.36m. The player went on to give great performances for the team but unfortunately, he did not get to lift anything with Everton.

5: Manchester United (2017-2019)

The Belgium striker knew that it is difficult to lift any title while being at Everton, little did he know that a big spot is going to open up for him. In 2019 Manchester United got interested in signing him and so they did. If clubs like Man United come knocking it is difficult for a player to refuse.

The move to United was certainly one of the best moves of his career. In the very first season, he scored 16 Premier League goals and was a good addition to the team. However, this move proved to be one of the bad decisions in his career.

It was clear that he did not like his time at United. The player himself said later 
“I WAS IN A DEEP HOLE AT MAN UNITED”. The stats were not too bad for a striker but the media made it difficult for Lukaku to be in United.

6: Inter Milan (2019-2021, 2022-2023)

Romelu Lukaku knew that he has potential and he does not deserve to be stuck in a place. There was a lot of bad criticism about him by the fans and media while his time at United. It was in his best interest to move somewhere else. In 2019 Lukaku made a move to the Italian side Inter Milan for a staggering €74.00M transfer. After spending 8 years in England it was a new experience for him to move to Italy. In the first two seasons, the Belgium striker was unstoppable as he scored 47 goals in Serie A.

Inter Milan won the Italian Ligue (Serie A) in the second season with Romelu Lukaku in 2021. It came after the wait of 11 long years for Inter Milan fans. The investment in Lukaku was worth it and after this Inter is back in the game with a better team and Champions League football.

7: Chelsea (2021 – Present)

Lukaku was in the newspapers for his glories in Italy and also for a few controversies. At this moment everyone around the world knew who Lukaku is and eventually interest in him was shown by many clubs. Chelsea knew that deep down Lukaku wanted to make it big in London. The club was looking for a good striker in 2021, the club was rumoured to sign Erling Haaland and Lewandowski. It looked like both of those players already knew where they want to go. Chelsea took their chance and made a big bid for the Serie A champion Romelu Lukaku. Chelsea signed Lukaku again in 2021 for €113.00M.

It proved to be a very expensive signing for Chelsea as his second spell with Chelsea did not prove much help. If Chelsea would have spent that amount of money they could’ve signed a top-notch striker and things would’ve been different. Lukaku scored just 15 goals in 44 games. The player struggled to perform well after coming back to Italy. Correspondingly the club saw it fit to send him back on a loan to Inter Milan. Now the player is back at Chelsea.

The fans of Lukaku know how good he is and still believe in him. Every fan wants him to perform well in Chelsea and make a name for himself in his boyhood club.

International Career:

The World Cup 2022 was a disaster for Romelu Lukaku. The player found it difficult to find the back of the net as he missed great chances to score for Belgium. Lukaku missed three great chances against Croatia where Belgium got a knockout and Croatia advanced. The Belgium National Team was rumoured to have some differences within themselves. According to the rumours Kevin De Bruyne got into a heated altercation after their match against Morocco in the dressing room. 

In the past, Lukaku had been an asset to his national team. On 11 October 2013, Lukaku scored twice as Belgium defeated Croatia 2-1 to secure a spot in the World Cup Brazil. On 12 June 2021, Lukaku scored twice in Belgium’s opening group game of UEFA Euro 2020, a 3-0 victory over Russia. On September 5, 2021, Lukaku scored his 67th goal while making his 100th appearance for Belgium against the Czech Republic. The player has scored a total of 68 goals for Belgium in 104 matches so far.

Romelu Lukaku is not done yet, the fans can expect a few more good seasons and great goals from him. The current form of Lukaku may be low but it won’t stay like this for long. He will fight back and come back stronger and retain the title of being a top striker of this generation.

What is the net worth of Romelu Lukaku? 

The net worth of Romelu Lukaku is $145 million in 2022the statistics are provided by several sources.


What is the market value of Romelu Lukaku?

The market value of Romelu Lukaku is €55.00M in 2022.

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