Is La Liga better than Premier League?

The hype and drama that comes with Premier League always make us think if the English League is the best league or it’s just hype. The Spanish League is always an inch away from them in the UEFA Country Coefficients.

The debate of La Liga Vs Premier League has been around the fans for a long time with no firm conclusions made yet. To understand the supremacy of La Liga over the Premier League we must compare them on points that define the success of any league.

1: Home of the best players in the world.

The Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona contain remarkable players since the start of this league. The list of famous players from La Liga is long and the career’s those players had in Spain is magical. 

Premier League also consist of great and promising talents but players of this league often lose their form and don’t stay constant. The last player from the Premier League to win the Ballon D’or was Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008 and the second-last player was Michael Owen in 2001. Since the start of the prestigious award, only two players have managed to win it. 

La Liga players have won the award for a record 24 times compared to the 2 of Premier League.

Top 10 La Liga players of all time:

Iker Casillas Real Madrid
Francisco GentoReal Madrid
RaulReal Madrid
Sergio RamosReal Madrid
Andres IniestaBarcelona
Alfredo Di StefanoReal Madrid
Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid
Lionel Messi


Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Sergio Ramos have lead to a slight decline in the fame of La Liga. I can assure you that in a year or two La Liga will again be filled with World-Class talents and continue to dominate the Ballon D’or legacy.

2: UEFA Champions League

The most elite European competition has always faced the domination of Spanish teams. The Spanish teams always get the better of their English rivals in the biggest competition of World football. 

Premier League fans claim their teams are the strongest yet they only managed to get 15 titles since 1956. On the other hand, Real Madrid alone has 13 Champions League titles to their name. 

The English teams are usually knocked out by Spanish teams or they lose to a Spanish side in the finals. The ‘Best league’ is often seen suffering in the Champions League.


3: Spanish history

The Spanish people love their teams and players. People from other parts of the world aren’t familiar with the less famous teams. According to many people, Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only two teams in Spain. The picture behind the frame is not visible to anyone who never visited Spain. Teams like Athletic Bilbao, Villareal, Socieadad, Levante, Espanyol, Getafe and other La Liga teams has a huge fan base in Spain.

The people of Spain worship their teams and it doesn’t matter if they don’t win.

All this doesn’t mean that Premier League history is any less important. The stories of the English clubs are too fascinating and are equally special for the fans. La Liga didn’t win in this category but they give an equal fight.


Premier League is the only league that is filled with action and drama in every match for any team. The Premier League is more established financially and most of their clubs are financially stable. If you want to enjoy a game that is totally unpredictable, exciting, dramatic and mind-blowing then Premier League is the best choice for you.

La Liga is more suited for people who love passion, history and culture. If you want to watch some of the biggest talents of the world play every week then surely La Liga is the ideal league.

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